Wreckers Stay Busy In The Snow

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Old man winter returned to the Valley Tuesday, and he's causing a lot of trouble for local drivers.

At Pifer's Towing of Mineral Wells, calls for service were non-stop Tuesday.

Management says they received 21 calls between 7:00 a.m. and early in the afternoon, with that number increasing through the evening as snow and ice made travel around southern Wood County very difficult.

Crews were in Mineral Wells around noon, helping a man and woman who lost control of their car, and slid sideways into a ditch on Turkey Foot Road, just off of Route 14.

Pifer's says routine maintenance could have helped prevent the accident.

"They could have had a little more tread on their front tires. I'm not saying it would have prevented it, but it sure would have helped it a lot," says business co-owner Michael Pifer.

"Very, very fortunate that there are people in our community who are good and West Virginia and here locally in Mineral Wells and Parkersburg area that would come out and help us," says Shannon Hughes, whose car had to be towed.

Along with tread, Pifer says to keep an eye on your tire pressure this winter.

Other precautions include topping off all fluids and letting your car run a little bit before hitting the road so it can get warm and circulate the heat.

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