You And Your Fireworks: What's Legal, What's Not

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The 4th of July weekend is here and for many of us that means food, fun and, of course, fireworks. But before you spark up the sparklers, area authorities want to make you aware of the laws in each state regarding fireworks.

In the Buckeye State: residents mat legally possess fireworks... but anything more powerful than a sparkler is illegal to set off, unless you have a license and insurance to do so.

In West Virginia: fireworks are legal to sell but possession of anything more powerful than sparklers is illegal (including detonation).

In both states illegal activity involving fireworks is punishable with misdemeanor charges. That could mean a court date and fine and possibly even jail time.

Now, area authorities are encouraging everyone who feels the need to play with fireworks to use common sense and cautious practices.

"We encourage people, if you are going to set them off, first of all you're violating the law," says Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks. "But, you shouldn't allow children to get involved. Make sure you have an adult supervising the event."

"The main thing is safety and consideration. We realize it's a holiday, and these things are sold all around our area, and people are going to use them and set them off," says Sgt. Camille Waldron, with the Wood County Sheriff's Office. "But, safety is the number one issue because they can be dangerous."

Officials add that you should make sure to call authorities if there is any sort of accident of injury involving fireworks.

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