Cornerstone Award

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The Parkersburg Area Community Foundation has chosen a local leader for its first Cornerstone Award.

According to Executive Director Judy Sjostedt, this is the foundation's 50th anniversary year and they were thrilled to receive a $10,000 gift from Superior Toyota.

Sjostedt says it made it possible for them to choose ten individuals or organizations to be recognized as cornerstones of our community.

Parkersburg Art Center Director Abbey Hayhurst holds that first honor.

“This is a wonderful honor and I’m so tickled to have received it, so honored to have received it,” Hayhurst says. “It means that the art center is an important place on the corner of 8th and Market in our community and that somebody thought that I was important to the art center.”

Hayhurst says it's kind of a validation for her, the art center and for everyone who works there.

She says they work really hard to have a nice place for people to come to and see pretty art, have their social events, bring their kids to art classes and it's wonderful to be recognized for all that.

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