Parkersburg Elks Club Donates Television To Boys & Girls Club

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After two separate break-ins, less than a month apart, the Parkersburg Boys and Girls Club was left with significant damage.

"In the span of one month, in two separate incidents, we had two break-ins," says Assistant Executive Director of the Parkersburg Boys and Girls Club, Ben Shuman. "We had about $10,000 worth of damage incur here at the Boys and Girls Club."

Since the Boys and Girls Club works to keep kids busy and out of trouble, the multiple thefts left less equipment for the kids to use. A problem which can lead to behavioral issues.

"The more things they have to do the less behavioral issues there are. If we can keep them busy and their having fun then they're not getting into trouble," Shuman says. "It's when they become bored that we have behavioral issues."

To help the local club recover, The Parkersburg Elks Club made a big donation... in the form of a 51 inch television. Elks Club President Jay Perkins says helping the community is what the Elks Club is all about.

"We do our best to focus on all things civil in the community, as far as scholarships and veteran support. Veterans are the reason we are here and children are the future to keep us here,"Perkins says. "So, obviously something going on with the Boys and Girls Club became priority number one on the top of the Elks Lodge list. We had a TV that we no longer used so why not donate it to a cause that is just as worthy as ours?"

Perkins says it's his hope the kids who will use the television will one day be able to help someone they know in need.

"I hope they look at it, like that saying that is sometimes overused, but I hope they can pay it forward," Perkins says. "Always know that there is someone who has done something to get you to this point and anytime you can help someone always take advantage of it."

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