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UPDATE 1/20/2014 3:30 PM

Here is the latest over-the-air (OTA) channel line-up for the various stations presented by TheNewsCenter:

49.1 (or 15.1)
Suddenlink: 104 HD/4 SD
CAS: 7

WTAP-D2 (CBS in SD):
49.2 (or 15.2)
Suddenlink: 5
CAS: 5

WTAP-D3 (Fox PKB in SD):
49.3 (or 15.3)
Suddenlink: 14
CAS: 14

WTAP-D4 PinPoint Weather:
49.4 (or 15.4)
Suddenlink: 125

WOVA-Fox Parkersburg (HD):
Suddenlink: 114 HD

Suddenlink: 105 HD

WIYE-D2 MyNetwork (My5):
Suddenlink: 97
CAS: 97-1

Most of these stations are also carried on Dish and DirecTV in Wood, Washington and Pleasants counties only.

Satellite customers living in other counties will get their “home stations,” meaning the network affiliates from the communities that have, traditionally, had the most viewing from those counties.

For example:

Satellite customers in Ritchie County, WV, get their NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates from Clarksburg.

Satellite customers in Wirt County, WV, get their NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates from Charleston-Huntington.

Satellite customers in Athens, Morgan and Noble Counties, OH, get their NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates from Columbus.

Update: August 2012

Gray Television's new stations are now on the air in the Parkersburg-Marietta area.

WIYE digital channel 47… and WOVA digital channel 22 … were officially activated for testing purposes on Tuesday, August 21, 2012.

"About six years ago, we only had an NBC affiliate," says TheNewsCenter's VP, Roger Sheppard. "In 2006, we added our FOX and MyNetwork stations. A few months ago, we activated a new PinPoint Weather Channel, to provide around-the clock radar and weather information to our viewers who do not have cable or satellite service. On Labor Day, we'll launch our new CBS station, making us a five-station market."

TheNewsCenter is the new name that Gray Television will use in the Mid-Ohio Valley, to refer to all of its various properties, including this webchannel. The webchannel's main address will become in the next couple of weeks but you’ll still be able to access it through (More info to come.)

Area residents who rely on antennas to receive television signals, can go ahead and scan in these new channels NOW, so they will be ready to go when the transition occurs on Sept. 3.

"On that morning, we will turn on our CBS station's actual programming on WIYE-TV, digital channel 47.1," Sheppard says. Right now, the station is running a CBS 47 logo and music to help folks know when they have the channel scanned in.

FOX Parkersburg, which has been available for several years in standard definition on digital channel 15.2, is now available in high definition on digital channel 22, WOVA-TV. The 15.2 signal will cease on Sept. 3rd.

My5, which has been on 15.3 for the past few years, is now on digital channel 47.2. The 15.3 signal will also end on September 3rd.

WTAP's new PinPoint Weather channel, which has been available on 15.4, will move up to 15.2 when the FOX and My5 stations move to their new positions.

These channels will be carried on most, if not all, cable and satellite systems serving the valley. Some of the channel numbers have not yet been determined.

Dish has already announced that it will replace its current out-of-market CBS station (WDTV-TV) with WIYE on the same channel number: five. That carriage will begin before the end of August.

DirecTV plans to launch the new CBS station in HD on its channel 47. No word as to whether it will continue carrying WBNS from Columbus, OH.

"It's entirely up to the cable and satellite companies whether or not they continue carrying any out-of-market CBS stations," Sheppard says. "It's their business decision, not ours."

Suddenlink Cable is planning to include the new CBS station, as is Zito Media, whose cable systems serves Warner, OH. Discussions are continuing with CAS and Time Warner Cable.

If you have any questions, or run into an problems finding these new over-the-air channels, please contact Roger Sheppard at 304-481-8110.

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