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Navy Finds Many Failures in Iran's Capture of 10 Sailors

The January capture of two small U.S. boats revealed "blatant disregard for the genuine concern of sailors," a Navy investigation said.

RNC Scrambling to Throw a Trump-Style Party

Trump wants to put the "party" in July's Republican Party Convention, but there's still a lot unknown about who'll show up in Cleveland.

Orlando Victim's Family Will Sue Gunmakers

Lawyer Robert Hilliard said Sig Sauer and Glock 'aggressively marketed' the style of guns used to kill 49 people at Pulse.

Adnan Syed, Subject of 'Serial,' Granted New Trial

Syed was granted a new trial on Thursday after a post-conviction hearing in February in which his attorneys argued he had received ineffective counsel and that a potential alibi witness had been overlooked by his lawyer.

DHS: 'Expect Enhanced Security' for Holiday

Travelers bound for barbecues and the beach should expect stepped up security at the nation's airports as the DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson told Congress.