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Why There's a Sudden Surge of Migrants at the U.S. Border

Border Patrol agents are not just facing smugglers, but another round of Central American families escaping the violence in their home countries.

9 Killed, Up to 40 Feared Dead in California Warehouse Fire

Officials said at an afternoon news conference that they remain focused on the recovery effort although they have been preparing for up to 40 deaths.

Louisiana GOP Senate Candidate Gets Trump, Pence Boost

Kennedy, a state treasurer, is taking on former state Sen. Foster Campbell in a runoff race Dec. 10. This is the only undecided U.S. Senate race.

'Full of Anger': South Koreans Protest Embattled Leader

Some protesters angrily threw flowers at police who had created tight perimeters around the street, and demanded that the officers get out of the way.

Why Trump's Call With Taiwan's Leader Strains Chinese Relations

For China and Taiwan, the tension stretches back much further than the president-elect taking a phone call from the Taiwanese leader.

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