December 2011 Horoscopes by Susan Sheppard

• Sagittarius - November 23 - December 22 Geminis will seem very important in your life right now, so if one enters the scene it’s a good idea to see what they might have to offer. Also, writing this month and also the whole year, it going to work out very well for you. Love: As usual, never predictable. Health: Improving and on the upswing. Money: Looks like you are about to receive a Christmas gift that is much more than you dreamed or imagined. You are being shown how to use money now. Take it easy once you get that Christmas bonus. It looks to be a good one. Places of Passion For December: What you own and what you want to hold on to. Oversee all of these areas of your life, whether relationships, finances, lifetime goals, whatever, put your ducks in a row and begin it. At least in your mind’s eye. You can wait for the first of the year to truly begin it. Lock your inner eye onto the dream. Mercury Retrograde: Starts and Stops. Your place of stops and starts is the area of the ego, so at times you’ll feel incredibly confident followed by some faux pas that may truly embarrass and make you feel “whipped.” Just remember, if you pull down your skirt those red hand prints shouldn’t show.

• Capricorn - December 23 - January 20 Venus lines up with Pluto in Capricorn which means you are coming into your own areas of power and influence. Capricorns rarely feel lucky but this is going to change. Love: Careless and sloppy. It’s not a time to indulge in philandering or two-timing. You’ll get caught. If in a relationship, you should see matters getting much better. Health: A change in prescription if you wear glasses or contacts. Money: Like a stream that ebbs and flows, but nothing is really dependable yet. You see improvements soon after the first of 2012. Places of Passion For December: Your body, how you look, how you announce yourself to the world, what you dream to me, what you wish to create, it is all inside of YOU. You have the passion and the power to be THAT PERSON whom you admire. Mercury Retrograde: Starts and Stops. Your place of stops and starts is the area of secrets and clandestine affairs. You feel someone may have certain feelings for you, but you’re just not certain about them. But Venus and Pluto in the 1st House this is dead serious, so the attraction is not imagined.

• Aquarius - January 21 - February 19 Love: You’re all eyes but your brain just can’t catch up. Be careful if someone makes you laugh. They may take it personally. Health: Stomach problems may ail you. Money: Your nest egg or bonus is more than what you thought or expected. Places of Passion For December: Your inner world of secrets, your compassion for others, especially the downtrodden, this is the month to go out on a limb and give charity to those who need it. Notice I said “those who really need it?” There is something called “misplaced compassion” that you have an abundance of. It is very important that you sink the very essence of your soul and heart and give it toward those who deserve it. If not, the energy is lost and goes nowhere. So, use discretion in your charity. Mercury Retrograde: Starts and Stops. Your place of stops and starts are the areas of friends, clubs and associates. Face it. There are a number of parties and festivities where you simply aren’t going to make it to on time. Make sure you organize and have everything in order before you leave the house. Eggnog spoils if you leave it spiked with brandy and inside Santa’s sleigh. We don’t need more drunken elves.

• Pisces - February 20- March 20 Friends are having some troubling problems and you’re at a loss over how to help. The truth is you can’t help. You have to give them the reins in order to help themselves. Love: Soft and sentimental but someone may start acting whiny. Health: Your blood pressure may need to be regulated. Upper back complaints. Money: Erratic and real disappointments that may be uncalled for. Budgeting and cutting back will be needed for just a little while longer. Places of Passion For December: Clubs, groups, those places where other souls gather is the place to use your energy now, it is where you put your efforts. Stand up for the underdog, read your poetry for the crowd, start a micro-mini-revolution. Give a little of yourself for a worthy cause. Make this world a better place. Mercury Retrograde: Starts and Stops. You place of starts and stops are the areas of fame, success and reputation. Here’s the good news. Your deeds may make you famous, but do you really want that movie you made at last year’s Christmas party to get out on Youtube? No, the video was never erased.. They’ve been watching it on the tube whenever you’re not there.

• Aries - March 21 - April 20 You feel quite a different person anymore, opening up to experiences that may have at one time only been dreamed of. It is still a rocky road but that rocky road leads to a place of plenty. Stay on your path, it’ll work out. Ask “L” for a word of wisdom. Avoid “C” for the time being. Stay neutral toward children or siblings. Love: Passionate and sizzling, if only you could get rid of that headache. Truthfully, you are quite fetching lately, if you spy a partner why not reach out? Health: Stress related, this may affect your blood pressure or circulatory system. Money: Abundant and more than you wished for. Places of Passion For December: The world is yours if you want it. You have the power of archetypal fathers, governments, your special place role upon this planet. Don’t be pulled in by intrigues and those who place nicey-nice when it’s another story underneath. Mercury Retrograde: Starts and Stops. Your place of stops and starts are in the area travel, learning and churches. This means your trip will be delayed, someone s going to force you to go to church and whatever you learn may only be of interest to fortune cookie writers?

• Taurus - April 21 - May 21 Truly, this is the year of the most beautiful singing or dancing Ox. Now is a time of great creativity and vision. A scholarship or another award or prize for you is in the works. at Love: Fast and vigorous. Maybe it’s time to try out some wrestling for the crowds. You don’t want to waste all of that sexiness. Health: Creak, pains and spine issues this month. Money: Emptied out at first then flooding in after the 15th. Places of Passion For December: Your passion is for learning, for turning over rocks, old books, old men in their underwear, just to find out “what is there.” You are about to take a trip or involved in some travel that involves all kinds of fascinations and intrigues. During this trip or adventure, you’re going to learn something truly remarkable then you are to tell it all to “J.”Mercury Retrograde: Starts and Stops. Your place of starts and stops are in the areas of death, sex and inheritances. Go ahead. Use your imagination. This means not trying out any funny positions on your partner or you may not get that inheritance you’ve been banking on.

• Gemini - May 22 - June 21 Love: Strange and disconnected. Older people will find your especially attractive and offer to “teach” you a few things. Health: bladder concerns but of no major worry right now. Money: A loved one of family member gifts your with a nice check or settlement. Places of Passion For December: Oh dear. It had to be you, didn’t it? You area of passion is sex and death this month. Throw in some taxes and we can have an auditor’s party filled to the brim with accountants. Truly now, if you are unattached (hopefully) or if you are feeling particularly sinful, there is a love or an amour that will feel like a dirty paperback novel. You just can’t put it down! Anyway, you’re also as psychic as all get out. Remember Uncle Fred? I’m afraid he’s dead, but he tells me he’s been ringing your number for a while. Pick up the phone! Mercury Retrograde: Starts and Stops. Your place of stops and starts is the area of partners. Whatever you choose to say to your partner either might not get heard or it will be rejected. Talk is cheap. So don’t cheapen it anymore. Put it in writing and put it in a bottle to throw into the great beyond. Cheer up. The angels can still hear you.

• Cancer - June 22 - July 22 Love: Cold and distant. It moves slowly and feels somewhat decrepit and old. Make sure your lover doesn’t go to sleep under you. Health: Nervous problems, strange feelings of stress and panic that may not seem rational. Sleep a half hour longer than normal. Money: An interesting source of money comes through involving special talents that you have. Places of Passion For December: Partners, lawyers, ex-lovers and just other people—right now, you are his/her toy. This means you are going to meet up with a lot of controlling people this month especially. At first, it’ll feel like love. Sort of jealous, but also nice. Because you loved to be wanted and need, you’re a Cancer. Then, Master Control kicks in. What to do is a hair shy of being perfect, that’s means it’s wrong. Time for you to take walk or drive outside to see the Christmas lights, just you and the dog. Mercury Retrograde: Starts and Stops. Your place of stops and starts are the 6th House of home remedies, health and head colds. Make sure you don’t get one for Christmas. It’s worse than an ‘effing lump of coal or any 60s LSD. Go ask Alice when she’s ten feet tall. This is also the place of organizing, so don’t even attempt this until Mercury goes direct and out of its shadow on January 1st.

• Leo - July 23 -August 21 The eclipse last month sheds light on friendships and romances now. All are strange, and changing wildly for you. Someone falls away and new one enters the scene. Endings are a part of your life at the current time but there is always a return. Love: Thoughtful, intense, but having trouble getting a good start at it. There may be someone you want, but circumstances do not allow it. Health: Sugar issues, diet issues, and problems with the uterus or menses if you are female. Money: Gambling would not be a good idea this month. You would probably win but not handle it wisely. If you do gamble, when ahead, you should quit. Places of Passion For December: First of all stay away from “K” and be even more skeptical of “L.” Your job, your routine, your physical health, what you do all day long. This likely means someone on the job isn’t so easy to deal with. At work, it may feel as if you’ve hit a brick wall. The truth is, that really nice person that you think is your friend? This person is not your friend. They are the cause of the discord. Mercury Retrograde: Starts and Stops. Your place of stops and starts is the 5th House of clowns, kids and joyous sex, the kind with no string and no one has to really pay for. So put on your Mickey Mouse suit, romp with the kids, pop that Viagra or pink sparkle vibes for the good news is you won’t know each other in the morning anyway.

• Virgo - August 22 - September 23 Love: Completely obsessive, bordering on areas of the taboo. If this is not your spouse, you may have an admirer. Health: Sensitivity to mood altering substances such as alcoholic drinks and medications or drugs of all kinds. Your response to them may not be your typical one. Money: Tight, that’s for sure. Make the best of holiday bargains and go to all of the free parties you get invited to. You’ll have some fun and the tab should be on others. Your friends love you, they don’t mind. Places of Passion For December: The funhouse, drama, the stage, television, music halls, holiday parties, but that is where you need to watch. Something really risqué may go on you have the chance of seeing it all. This also says some stage performance or appearance is going to come off as truly magnificent. You may be on the stage or just part of the crowd. Mercury Retrograde: Starts and Stops Your place of starts and stops is the 4th House old maids, moonstruck relatives and memories you can neither forgive or forget. That means the family member you’ve been avoiding may spend his or her entire Christmas vacation with you. Did someone just say “Abby Normal” or “Uncle Buck?”

• Libra - September 24 - October 23 Love: Ephemeral and dreamy, an area where it is hard to connect or re-connect, maybe a new start, maybe a new love interest. Get in touch with these feelings by doing something creative, whatever your creative niche is. Health: You may sleep funny and twist your neck or back. It is of no real concern but will take a while to work the kinks out. Money: Not so much now but lots and lots later. Places of Passion For December: Okay, it’s “All In The Family,” again. This could read positive or negative because Venus is there in this mix, so it means if you play nice it all should work out peacefully and with less drama than before. With Pluto there, as well, try your best to not have your good nature manipulated. It’s all angels and devils this month. Mercury Retrograde: Starts and Stops. You place of starts and stops are the 3rd House of running off at the mouth, fast food novels, desperate dangling emails and nasty neighbors. Be prepared for a number of interesting emails, some may be exciting offering plans, options and opportunities that will likely never develop. On the other hand, be careful over the holiday parties, neighbors will be prone to call the cops on you, especially when you forget and leave your underwear at home.

• Scorpio - October 24 - November 22 Love: Completely dreamy yet elusive. It’s almost as if you yourself don’t know who to choose or who to lose. Health: Your nervous system seems to be under stress. It would be best to pace yourself and not try and do the impossible. You may have strange, very detailed dreams that wake you up. Hot milk should help. Money: You find many ingenious ways to improve finances this month. You should have an abundance of sources this month. If you don’t have, you must be looking in the wrong areas. Places of Passion For December: Your words carry weight this month so carefully select what you are about to say so things don’t go all twisted on you. Some of you may even write some dark, twisted poetry but people will really like it if you do. Mercury Retrograde: Starts and Stops. You place of starts and stops are the 2nd House area of greed, things, zombie shopping but fast maneuvering. You may get a whale of a sale but with it a big problem. If you order it now, it’s not going to come in the right, size. Color or condition you had in mind. Big, extravagant purchase: No. No. Remember, you can always calm down a Taurus or a Scorpio by allowing him or her to count your change.

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