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By: Cathleen Moxley Email
By: Cathleen Moxley Email

Now that elections are over, Board of Election officials can finally take a break.

After more than a month of ballots being cast, the results are in.

Officials will have to wait about 10 days to get the official results, but they say the hard part is over.

Officials in Washington County say even though everything ran smoothly, they're glad to have a break.

"I'm tired. It was a long process. We started early voting about 35 days prior to the election and it was very busy," Tara Hupp, Deputy Director of the Washington County Board of Elections, said.

Hupp also says Washington County didn't receive the record number of voters that they were expecting, but it was still high with more than a 70 percent turnout.

Across the river, Wood County County Clerk Jamie Six said everything went well for them also, with nothing worse than a paper jam.

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  • by Parrothead Location: Marietta on Nov 6, 2008 at 01:20 PM
    It is true that Clinton signed NAFTA, but it was written under Bush 1’s watch and both candidates promised to sign it if elected in 1992. When Clinton left office it was clear that NAFTA was a mistake, so what did Bush 2 and the republicans do --- passed 142 more trade agreements just like NAFTA. The responsibility for our jobs leaving and going to other countries falls squarely on the shoulders of “W” and the republicans. The Dems have been calling for fair trade and trade agreement reforms for 8 years now. Why do you think “W” was never able to get his fast track legislation passed?
  • by Parrothead Location: Marietta on Nov 6, 2008 at 01:19 PM
    Listen to the Raven – Nevermore! Card check will NOT lead to more plant closings. When workers organize wages are not automatically raised and even if they do rise, it is not to the point that it bankrupts the company. I personally know of many union members who work hard every day for what is considered the average wage for their area. Many of them work for less than the average. Being in a union is NOT about making more money. It is about having a say in your employment atmosphere, being treated fairly and with respect. Being FAIRLY compensated for your contributions to the success of a company is all they ask for, nothing more. The truth is that historically when union wages and benefits go up in an area, all wages and benefits go up. Even for those who work at non-union facilities.
  • by Raven Location: Pkb on Nov 6, 2008 at 09:48 AM
    There will be many many more plant closings like the one in Belpre annonced this morning thanks to pending "card check" legislation that will be Obama's and the Dem Congress' reward to the labor unions. Higher taxes are coming too. Both of these moves will drive more businesses to pull out of the U.S., not just Ohio. Once cost factors overwhelm profits, it's a no-brainer to move overseas or outsource, even when you'd rather not. Sorry, President-elect!Time for a Change maybe-get out your soup cups and be ready to stand in line.I guess the man deserves a chance as any but with the conditions of the economy i doubt his spread the wealth will favor large corporations. And lets face it if they cannot show a profit then ship it overseas. After all Clinton was the KING of NAFTA.It has ruined this once great country under democratic rule.Grant it the GOP did nothing to help us either but the Change We Need is to bring the jobs back to this country lets see if it happens under Obamas changes!
  • by ashok Location: newdelhi-india on Nov 5, 2008 at 10:12 PM
    the win of obama, as of now, surely comes as a refreshing change. the great american explorative spirit has agreed to experiment. and why not? in the land of big dream and better democracy possibilities are limitless for the one who thinks he deserves.the great american free spirit has come out of the so called racial prejudice and has given obama a great chance to prove and make a difference. it is time the world should speak its new millenium mind shaking off all undemocratic attitudes of the last centuries and the america possibly holds the biggest influence on the people of earth the more democratically america evolves the more beautiful life- in -earth becomes. it is time we judged the president not by color or creed but just by deeds.hoping to see a better president moulding a better world order. wishing all luck to the new president and his vision of change. ofcourse for better. understandably so.
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