Phase Two Of Kaufman Verdict Returned

A jury has found against adding mercy to the life sentence of David Wayne Kaufman.

Thursday afternoon Kaufman was found guilty for the 2007 death of his wife Martha Kaufman.

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  • by Danielle Location: Ohio on Mar 15, 2009 at 11:07 PM
    Personaly I think the whole trial was a sham. Martha killed herself. Im not denying the woman was smart. As for her " poor kids" it's kinda funny when neither of them even thought for a second that mabey dad didnt do it. The girl had it posted on her myspace page that she was gonna be rich as soon as daddy went to jail. If you cant see this case for what it is then you are just blind. Not one single piece of evidence was presented to prove he did it. The oppisite is true there was all kinds of evidence that he didnt do it. I hope this trial haunts every jury member and keeps them from getting a good nights sleep for the rest of thier lives. Sending an innocent man to jail is about the worst thing anyone could do. If all you people saying that he did it knew all the evidence you wouldnt say that
  • by Johnboy Location: Parkersburg on Mar 4, 2009 at 11:50 AM
    Michael, You're an idiot. How in the hell would you know if she died by her own hand or not? were you there? Apparently the pieces to the puzzle went together rather well, the jury didn't have a problem putting them together. Not having gunshot residue can be explained by something as simple as he wore gloves. duhhhhhhh!. Of course she had it on her hands, she was shot for gods sake, she would have had it whether she did it or he did it. Good job deputies, prosecutors, and jury. Yeah, I am sure everyone framed the guy to further their career. Get real bud.
  • by Michael Location: Meigs County on Mar 3, 2009 at 07:26 PM
    This is a sad story about a family in which one of the members suffered from mental Illness.Martha was manipulative, domineering and a control freak,,She was unable to deal with life and chose to end it, However for someone with that sort of disposition,just ending it takes them out of the "Control" position, Martha is no longer in charge, so its no longer about Her. Instead she decided to write a Journal/ better called a Script. to be found and used against Dave, It worked. but you see , crimes are like a puzzle, the pieces have to be placed in the proper postion for the true picture to be seen. That is why when you take the pieces and try to make a murder case, some don't fit and others are missing, such as 0% gunshot residue or blood on Dave or his clothes, BUT when put together in the proper order they all fall into place, Thats why gunshot residue was found on Martha, She Died by HER OWN HAND, Remember,Trials and convictions are always good for ones job and political ambitions.
  • by Anonymous on Mar 2, 2009 at 05:44 PM
    It is funny how the DNA was only on the ends and the middle of the cord.I doubt if Martha used the cord because like you said it was hidden.The car windows were not all the way down.Just face it,she tried to commit suicide.What was in the back of his truck proves nothing.I have a couple of friends that have duct tape in their truck and a rope and a shovel that they keep in the bed of their trucks.I guess they are killers too.It was funny how they never brought out the stuff in the truck until closing arguments.I wouldn't trust a little girl seeing someone outside at 5:30 in December.At that time it would be completely dark outside.If he was committing the perfect murder don't you think he would get rid of the body.He had ample time.I am not a family member but I was friends with Dave and Martha even before Zach was born. If I really thought Dave did it I would want him to spend the rest of his life in jail too.The only abuse was mental and they were both guilty.
  • by concerned citizen Location: WOOD COUNTY on Mar 2, 2009 at 11:29 AM
    Well I.m in that 10 percent that you didn, know. You must be a familly member, so I am glad I don't know you. The windows were down, not cracked, and my error on the cord. She did not kill herself, Dave did it. The way the blanket was wrapped around her, she could not have done it. The diary was proven to be accurate. Back to Susan Evans, she all this was going on and she did nothing to prevent it from happening. She is just as guilty as Dave. Because Kristy got involved and was worried about her mother is the only reason he did not get a chance to comitt his PERFECT MURDER and use the tarp, duct tape and rope that was in the back of his truck to get rid of the body. Of course he wasn't expecting any one to see at 5:30 PM that evening either. And I will be there on April 27, 2009 for the sentencing.
  • by Anonymous on Mar 2, 2009 at 08:41 AM
    If you were there concerned citizen Martha's DNA was on the middle of the cord and on the ends. What does that tell you? She fake it herself. It so happens to be where her hands would be holding it.If Dave would have wrap around her neck there wouldn't be DNA on the ends. Her one car window had a small crack.They were not rolled all the way down. She still tried to do it. Susan Evans was told by Consenza that it would be best she didn't come back for the results. You can't believe everything that was written in the diary. Martha knew it would be found. Let's give Martha some credit. She did this to herself and taking Dave with her. Were you even at the trial? I was there every day and I knew 90% of the people in that courtroom. You ingorance makes me laugh.
  • by concerned citizen Location: wood county on Mar 2, 2009 at 07:18 AM
    As far as Martha's brother and sister in law, if the state thought they needed them as a witness, they would of used them. The cord, if you have on gloves, your dna wouldn't be on it. Why hide it in a gun case inside a popcorn can. He never showed emotion even with the kids. You could tell by the blood trail that the gun was put in her hand after the fact. How many times did he put his hands on her when the kids weren't there. If your are going to try and kill yourserl, you are not going to roll the windows down, you leave them up. What happened to Susan Evans, she never came back for the results. Must be lookding for new boy friend. The jury is not stupid, they went thru a lot and they did a outstanding job and they had emotions, all you had to do was look at them. How about the 22 he told Susan it was missing and then when the Deputy took him upstairs, he acted surprise and said his gun was missing. No juror was sleeping and comments were made that made me laugh. GOOD JOB BY ALL.
  • by Anonymous on Mar 2, 2009 at 05:16 AM
    What is really so unbelievable is reading the juror comments.Dave never showed emotion? They must have not been paying attention when Zach and Kristy were on the stand. He almost broke down in tears.The Kaufmans haven't been a family for many years as Zach said.So you are going to say part of his being guilty was he wasn't family man.That street runs both ways. Whatis really scary is the jurors can't even get their facts straight.Dave did not kill Martha to get insurance money. The defense had proof that Dave signed the insurance money to the kids.They did not prove the gun was put in her hand.As a matter of fact that was shot down pretty easy by Consenza.And no plea deals are not given in every case.Not if the prosecution feels they have a strong case.The fact is was their was no physical evidence against Dave.People act like their was abuse in the relationship.The kids testified that they never seen Dave touch Martha.Remember the chord had her DNA not his.
  • by Roger Location: Williamstown on Mar 1, 2009 at 03:13 PM
    No matter who committed "thou shall not kill" commandment, our community suffers one way or another. May God bless and soothe the hurting emotions of all involved. Allow God the right of vengence. The jury served to the best of their ability, I am sure.
  • by Anonymous on Mar 1, 2009 at 02:35 PM
    when is everyone that supports kaufman gonna wise up?????? he had the perfect plot for killing a defenseless woman he is a total freak of nature and anyone who actually knew him (which i did) should know a was short of a full deck FOCUS
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