WV House Rejects Anti-Gay Marriage Gambit

By: Associated Press
By: Associated Press

Charleston, WV (AP) -- West Virginia's House of Delegates has voted along party lines against advancing a proposed constitutional amendment on marriage.

An evangelical group has pressed lawmakers this session to have marriage defined as between one woman and one man.

But the resolution needed to put the issue before voters has stalled in committee.

That prompted Monday's move by Republican delegates to force it to the full house.

Delegates voted 67-30 to reject the attempt.

West Virginia has had marriage law since 2000.

But amendment supporters say it doesn't go far enough and could be challenged in court.

House Republicans mounted a similar attempt in 2006.

It became part of a failed election ad campaign to increase GOP ranks in that chamber.

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  • by jean Location: williams on May 18, 2009 at 09:36 AM
    Well, I have been with my gf for 6 yr and 5 months and we want more that anything to get married... And doesn't the bible say that only God can judge me, so why the heck are all you people judgeing me and all the other gays? You people are sinning just as much as we are. So why don't you just think about that...
  • by Jessica Location: Parkersburg on Apr 3, 2009 at 06:35 PM
    I don't know if any1 will read this.. it has been a few days since this story broke and I am just now catching up. :) Um.. 1st off I would like to say that I know GOD loves me and he does not make mistakes. GOD put me and every1 else on this planet to love people and do good for the world.. (I do both.) I am 29 yrs old. I was born in Parkersburg, WV and have lived here my whole life. I have been with my gf for over 8yrs(FAITHFULLY)! I want and deserve the same rights as any1 else in this state! (...where I work and pay taxes) I don't care if they want to call it marriage or union or a CIRCUS! LOL As long as I am allowed the same rights and respect as any person who wants to be committed in a loving relationship, I will be happy and THANKFUL. :)
  • by butch Location: parkersburg on Mar 31, 2009 at 06:10 PM
    no debate needed. NO GAY MARRIAGE..should be common sense.james, you were not born that way, you choose everyday to stay that way. noone is born gay. you should not be rewarded for choosing to live such a lifestyle.
  • by Ugh Location: Here on Mar 31, 2009 at 02:59 PM
    It's your hell you burn in it. Separation between church and state
  • by Courtney on Mar 31, 2009 at 06:09 AM
    Go West Virginia lawmakers for doing the right thing.
  • by james Location: parkersburg on Mar 31, 2009 at 05:41 AM
    we do not choose to live this way we are made this way by our havenly father trust me if I could b str8 and b able to love a woman I would love to because life as a homosexual is a hard road and everyone that is against it is so afraid to b friends with or even see what they do to people I don't live a lie I don't front but the ones who do front and say this is wrong u are judging and u will b the first in the fire as I will not
  • by Sue Location: Wood County, WV on Mar 30, 2009 at 06:39 PM
    This state is getting just as bad as the rest of the U.S. The law makers seem to be afraid to continue the God given rights to live morally correct. Are they afraid that they will not get enough votes in the next election if they take a stand for right? I would be so proud if our leaders would just look out for all of the voters instead of the ones who are the minorities. Let the people vote on the ammendment. Marriage began as one man and one woman. I guess that in the end we will reap what we sow. Prayer has been taken out of our schools. Law makers need to be representatives of the people. The good ole boy system is going to be the end of a wonderful life in WV.
  • by james Location: parkersburg on Mar 30, 2009 at 01:05 PM
    very interesting west virginia could become one of the first n this battle hmmm which way will it go what we should do it just leave it to the people by the people and let us vote to ban or accept the fact
  • by sue Location: ohio on Mar 30, 2009 at 01:03 PM
    marriage is between a man and a woman in the Bible God created woman to be companion for man, what is wrong with our society. To back this up would surely be against the beginning of time in the world that the Lord built for us to live on. Why or how are people so confused about their sex that they try to change their lives to something that they were not born to be. If life is this complicated they should help, not the help that trys to get our laws changed to fit their habits. Once again this is a waste of money and government time trying to put into our laws something that should not be. If they want to live their lives like this do it dont push it on some law judge to marry you. This is wrong in Gods eyes let alone the judges eyes and laws. Put our money to work where it matters most, people get killed every day we have lives to protect and save with our systems not to bring around a life that wasn,t meant to be.
  • by Me Location: Parkersburg on Mar 30, 2009 at 11:12 AM
    Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve!! ban this all the way as far as it needs to go!
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