IRS May Be Brought on in Possible Puppy Breeding Facility Investigation

By: Cathleen Moxley Email
By: Cathleen Moxley Email

The IRS might be getting involved in the investigation of a possible puppy breeding facility in Washington County.

Last Friday, Sheriff's deputies executed a search warrant at the home of Sharon Roberts, the same woman found running a similar facility last August in Wood County.

During the search, authorities found more than $239,000 in cash.

Sheriff Larry Mincks says this raises concern about possible tax evasion, and has handed the information over to the IRS

"We did have some indication from people we've talked to that she would only accept cash, and the reason for that was she didn't want to have to pay taxes on that," Sheriff Mincks said.

During the search, authorities found dozens of puppies, one of which was dead.

According to the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley, the rest of the dogs are in good health.

Although Roberts has not been charged at this time, Sheriff Mincks says in exchange for not being prosecuted last year, Roberts agreed she would not own or operate a puppy breeding facility again.

Roberts did not wish to speak with us on camera, and her attorney has declined commenting until speaking with the prosecuting attorney.

Sheriff Mincks says anyone who has purchased a dog from Roberts in the past year and wants to help with the investigation can call the sheriff's office at 740-376-7070 ext. 0. Just leave your name and number.

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  • by dawn Location: wood county on Aug 6, 2009 at 07:56 PM
    To the people who cant beleave she is going to be punished, did you help with the caring and rescue of all the dogs they took from her the last time. It was absalutly horrible she deserves every thing she gets i hope they put her in a small cell for a good while,let her see what its like no human contact or love or companionship. all the money should go to the care of the dogs and to the local human society for all the work they did. the laws need to get a little tougher for thes breeders. make them get premits to sell dogsand a limit. tired of seeing this all the time if your that crull and inhumane to animals what does that say about what kind of human being you are. they are liveing breathing creatures they hurt and bleed just like us. have some heart. not reporting all that money to the irs. i hope they get her good, if we have to pay our taxes what makes her so special she needs to pay hers also.
  • by Justice Location: Elizabeth on Aug 6, 2009 at 12:52 PM
    Simply Amazed you make me sick. Im saying this for real that someone feels so little for a living creature. This woman shows no concern for animals but makes a good living on them if she can keep them alive long enough. She broke the law, just because she didnt kill a human we should let her get by with it? well if thats the case then everyone should go free if they havnt killed someone or sold drugs. People who hurt animals or allow it makes me sick because these creature only want love and attention and they only know abuse. I would like to see people who abuse others have the same treatment done to them so that they can see what it feels like.
  • by doglover Location: belpre on Aug 5, 2009 at 06:54 PM
    Wake up, people! This woman committed a crime against innocent animals and has started all over again. Our legal system is a joke. They don't seem to care that she will just keep abusing the animals and the system that is supposed to protect them. And what about the tax angle? How many people do you know who walk away from paying taxes on a quarter of a million dollars? Shame on the Wash. and Wood prosecutors for not doing a more thorough job of stopping this criminal.
  • by Leo Location: Parkersburg on Aug 5, 2009 at 10:35 AM
    I agree with " Simply Amazed" you are a hypocrite if you bought a dog from this lady and now you are condeming her. I personally would not buy from a puppy mill. I would and have bought pups from reputable breeders and will do so again.
  • by Anonymous on Aug 5, 2009 at 09:18 AM
    Simply Amazed. If you are a true animal lover, then why do you see it ok to leave an animal WITHOUT human contact, just to feed them, in a cage all day long. These dogs dont even know what grass is. Dogs are supposed to be able to run and play outside. They should chase the birds out of the yard, NOT be scared of them. She broke the law. She made a promise last year after they found her with 1000 dogs, that she would not do this again or be prosecuted. Well she did it again, SHE herself made the promise and agreed if she bred dogs again she would be prosecuted. SHE did it to herself!
  • by Simply Amazed Location: Marietta Area on Aug 5, 2009 at 06:53 AM
    It amazes me how people judge and want others to be punished to the full extreme. These same people would cry for salvation if the cops knocked on there doors. We have murders, drugs, violence and robberies and this is what is high priority. Come on people open your eyes, i love animals are much as trhe next but it is nature to die and heck dogs in most counties are served for dinner. All I can say is we broke from England because of tax abuse by the powers to be. How about a witch hunt anyone, you neighbor might be making magic spells and potions. My bad that just a meth lab but thats ok. One last thought What does it say about the people that bought the animals from her then if she was such an evil doer? On of these days people will wake up and being to think for themseleves and realize media and gov't don't show the truths. Get involved and invest in the community and quit being a passive citizen. WAKE UP!
  • by JWS Location: on the river on Aug 5, 2009 at 05:16 AM
    I torture myself by coming on here and reading so many untrue statements. I was involved with the puppymill bust last year. Involved I mean I was there unloading dogs, vaccinating dogs, cleaning cages, and just loving those unloved dogs. Let me first say, some dogs were in bad shape, most were in good shape. Afterall, she needed good dogs to sell. I dont think one single one of the dogs had seen any love or contact. Therefore, the dogs had suffered at the hand of this greedy women. And for Lori, if she is making $34,000 a month this year, then shes got some pretty high priced dogs! And with that type of income you are required to pay a quarterly estimate. But we will leave that to the IRS! I hope all of the ones that continue to defend this lady will open your eyes and get all the facts. If anyone of you would have been there when the dogs came into the temporary shelter, and could still defend her, then you are HEARTLESS!
  • by Anonymous on Aug 4, 2009 at 06:56 PM
    Do you guys not realize this is the same lady that had 1,000 puppies ceized from her last year ALL of which were in poor condition and she was told to never have a puppy mill around or she WILL be prosecuted? Its not just that she had all that money. She did not claim that on her taxes. Yes shy "only" had 70 semi healthy dogs this time. She has only had them for not even a year. She had 1,000 unhealthy dogs taken from her last year and that is NOT an exaggeration. You guys who are backing her up are either idiots or blind to what she has been doing. She KNOWS she is doing wrong. Why else would she leave West Virginia after last year.
  • by Has Seen it Location: Elizabeth on Aug 4, 2009 at 06:34 PM
    I am so glad that they got her again, maybe this time they will not make a deal and go ahead and put her in jail for a long time. She has been doing this for Many years. I have seen and even had a few dogs of hers that ended up with me over the yrs and it was sad. There is a long sad history of this woman and her dogs.
  • by Unknown Location: Parkersburg on Aug 4, 2009 at 05:47 PM
    This is for Country Boy and everyone else who has posted comments that say this woman did nothing wrong: Shame on you all! First of all, if you can honestly say you think she didn't harm those animals then you are just as crazy as she it. Since when is it okay to leave a puppy or any animal in a cage? It is not right and anyone that mistreats puppies or any animal should go to jail. Animal abuse is against the law and I truly hope the police departments do their job correctly and punish this woman. She deserves to be punished and if they don't do it here on earth then I know she will be punished by God. Awful woman - and awful people who support her. Shame on you all!
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