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Apple Agrees to Examine Cellphone of Teens Lost at Sea

The tech giant has agreed to analyze the cellphone used by Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen, who vanished off the coast of Florida last summer.

Chinese Biker Miraculously Escapes Collision With Cargo Truck

A biker narrowly escaped certain death after a traffic collision involving a large cargo truck and a small truck took place in Nantong City, China.

Pentagon Punishes 16 for Afghan Hospital Airstrike

A Pentagon investigation into the bombing of an Afghan hospital in October found human and system failures were at play in the deadly airstrike.

Watch The U.S. Blow Up ISIS Money

Banknotes turn into confetti as U.S. airstrikes hammer ISIS bank and financial facilities in four separate attacks.

Trump Supporter Roughed Up Outside Event

Mortgage broker Christopher Conway says he wasn't surprised he was set upon by anti-Donald Trump demonstrators. Trump delivered remarks at the California state GOP Convention in Burlingame.

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