2014 B.A.C.F. Basketball Classic

The 13th Annual Battle Against Cystic Fibrosis Basketball Classic will be Saturday, March 29, at Parkersburg South High School.

The games will tip-off with the girls contest at 5:00PM, followed by the boys at approximately 7:00PM. The boys skill competitions (slam dunk and 3-point shoot-out) will take place at halftime of the girls game while the girls skills competitions will be halftime of the boys game.

2014 BACF All Star Rosters :

OH Boys:

Drew Schneider, Frontier (G, 5'-10"); Josh Fayette, Nelsonville-York (PG, 5'-9"); Zach Padden, Cambridge (F, 6'-4"); Clifford Clark, Cambridge (F, 6'-4"); Bryan Duffy, Monroe Central (F, 6'-0"); Cameron Summers, Meadowbrook (F, 6'-3"); Braden Riley, Marietta (C, 6'-6"); Taylor McNickle, Racine Southern (G, 6'-1"); Wyatt Porter, Waterford (F, 6'-0"); Eric Dierkes, River (G, 6'-1"); Alex Owings, Vinton County (G, 5'-11"); Chandler Lang, Fort Frye (PG, 5'-10"); Nick Therriault, Belpre (F, 6'-3"); Brennan Czuchran, Buckeye Local (G, 6'-4").
Captain: Chandler Lang, Fort Frye
Head Coach: Mark Romick, River

WV Boys:

Logan Lawrentz, Parkersburg South (F, 6'-6"); Dylon Rippeto, Parkersburg South (F, 6'-2"); Ashton Hinzman, Doddridge (G, 6'-4"); Jake Martin, Ravenswood (F, 6'-1"); Patrick Goff, Wood County Christian (F, 6'-3"); Levi Hays, Parkersburg (F, 6'-4"); Austin Cunningham, Gilmer County (F, 6'-2"); Payton Sturm, Parkersburg Catholic (PG, 5'-8"); Joe Padden, Parkersburg Catholic (F, 6'-0"); Jake Ullman, Parkersburg Catholic (PG, 5'-11"); Alex Somerville, Point Pleasant (F, 6'-3"); Wade Martin, Point Pleasant (G, 6'-4"); Evan Potter, Point Pleasant (G, 6'-2"); Colby Brode, St. Marys (G, 5'-9"); Kalob Bell, Wirt County (G, 5'-9").
Captain: Jake Ullman, Parkersburg Catholic
Head Coach: Josh Williams, Point Pleasant

Ohio Girls:

Corisa Fickiesen, Frontier (F, 5'-8"); Hannah DeBruin, Athens (F, 5'-9"); Chandler Fulks, Fairland (G, 5'-6"); Bri Dichess, Fairland (G, 5'-7"); Brooke Borich, Fort Frye (G, 5'-7"); Chantel Parsons, Fort Frye (G, 5'-9"); Ashley Frashure, Logan (C, 6'-2"); Erin Swatzel, Reedsville Eastern (C, 6'-0"); Katie Keller, Reedsville Eastern (F, 6'-2"); Madison Ridout, Jackson (G, 5'-9"); Lydia Poe, Jackson (C, 6'-2"); Whitney Wills, Jackson (G, 5'-5"); Sarah Proctor, Warren (G, 5'-6"); Starr Johnson, Marietta (F, 5'-9").
Captain: Brooke Borich, Fort Frye
Head Coach: Jon Buchanan, Fairland

WV Girls:

Kendra Walker, St. Marys (C, 6'-4"); Julie Bishop, Gilmer County (G, 5'-9"); Kelli Jo Harrison, George Washington (F, 6'-0"); Brittany Gould, Sissonville (G, 5'-8"); Sophie Kinard, Tyler Consolidated (G/F, 5'-10"); Mikaela Britton, St. Marys (G, 5'-4"); Asia Pettite, Huntington St. Joe (F, 5'-10"); Rachel Lee, Huntington St. Joe (G, 5'-8"); Sarah Williams, Ripley (F, 5'-8"); Sierra Riffle, Doddridge (G, 5'-5"); Miriam Smith, Wirt County (G, 5'-7"); Emily Pitkin, Cabell Midland (C, 6'-2"); Sierra Jordan, Cabell Midland (F, 5'-11").
Captain: Julie Bishop, Gilmer County
Head Coach: Amy Chapman, Gilmer County

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