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Here's a sampling of e-mails from local AND long-distance viewers of WTAP's live football game on Nov. 25, between Williamstown and St. Marys. According to "The Parkersburg (WV) News," this is the first Single "A" football game ever televised live in the state of West Virginia.

Thanks to our game sponsors -- Mel's Diamond House, Perry & Associates, and Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital -- for helping to make the televised and internet-streamed game possible. Thanks to Marietta Memorial Hospital for making our local streaming video available to our web visitors each and every day!

If you enjoyed the game via TV or the internet, e-mail us at and let us know! We may post your mail here with the others!.

Here's the list of e-mailers' locations so far:
Albuquerque, NM
Alvin, TX
Atlanta, GA
Camp Lejeune, NC
Charleston, SC
Chesapeake, VA
Cincinnati, OH
Dallas, TX
Duluth, GA
Kirkush, Iraq
Unknown location, Iraq
Lakeland, FL
Phoenix, AZ
S. Charleston, WV
South Korea
Surprise, AZ
Vienna, WV
Joseph Stephen's father called and let us know that his son, a former Williamstown football player, watched the game live on our website from Iraq. Joseph and his friends got up at 3:00 in the morning just to watch it. He wanted me to pass this along and thank everyone who made it possible.
Just wanted to let you know that we are watching the live broadcast of the WILLIAMSTOWN and St Mary's game at Thanks for having the game on the internet, it's great. We are old Williamstown alumni. Thanks again, Rhonda and Richard N., Albuquerque, NM
I am Senior Airman Mark K. watching the game from South Korea serving in the USAF, originally from St. Marys.
From Atlanta, GA class of 1990 WHS, Scott B.
I'm a Williamstown Alumni and retired Navy Chief Petty Officer watching on in Chesapeake, Virginia. Please pass my thanks to those involved in bringing this game to all of us around the world. Again, thank you, Jim M., CPO USN (Ret.)
Just a note from Roger A. in Surprise, Arizona. Watching Internet feed of Williamstown game, my cousin's son Brad Montgomery is playing for Williamstown !
Thanks a million for the internet broadcast. We're from Williamstown and are wintering in Lakeland, FL. It was so amazing to be able to root our home team another victory.
It was fantastic! Thanks for broadcasting the game. I'll be driving from Cincinnati to Wheeling to watch the finals next week. Thanks again, Brian M.
Thank you so very much for sending a special hello to my husband, SSG Steven Runion. I got goose bumps when I heard what (WTAP Sports Director Jim Wharton) had to say about the men and women serving our country in Iraq. My husband was able to get the game on his computer and run it thru to his TV. He said to tell you thank you very much for being able to mention his name on TV during this game. He is staying in Kirkush (Iraq) on a military training base. Again, thank you very much for the beautiful job of broadcasting the game tonight. Kathy Runion.
Thank you for having the game online. My husband and I live in Alvin, TX, but grew up in St. Marys. It was wonderful to see the game even though we could not be there. We both have a lot of family still there and follow our hometown team. Even though the game did not go as we would have liked it has been a WONDERFUL season for the Blue Devils. Congratulations to Jodie Mote and all involved in such a successful football season. It's been fun. Wendell and Laverne B.
Jim (Wharton), My congratulations on the best televised sports game ever on WTAP TV. Your choice of Steve (Daugherty) as a co-broadcaster with his knowledge and especially his fair and balanced sports reporting of both teams and their coaches and athletes added greatly to the professionalism and expertise for tonight’s game. I commend you and the rest of the WTAP team for the efforts and the fine production and showing of tonight’s game. It is your best to date. P.R., Vienna, WV.
Thanks so much for streaming the Williamstown Football game on your Web site. I was in Dallas,TX and got to see the game. As a former Williamstown resident, it was so good to see the team in action. Please send our regards to the sponsors who made the game possible. MEL'S deserves everyone's business. Thanks again, David M.
We lived in W'town until two years ago. Our children both graduated fromWHS'95 and '97. I watched this broadcast of the game in Phoenix, AZ while visiting our daughter. We now live in St Louis, MO so would have watched it there otherwise. Thanks again for letting all see the great Jacket team of today. JUDY M.
How sweet it is!!! Wonderful to see the live stream from Charleston, South Carolina tonight. I've been to every home game in Williamstown this season, and was sick to miss this last playoff at home. My 3 year old is thrilled to see his favorites on the field. Thank you so much for providing this to us via the Internet. I feel like I'm there. Go Jackets!!! Sally M.
I got a call this evening telling me you all were broadcasting the game via computer and it has been a pleasure watching the game here in Duluth, Georgia. GO YELLOWJACKETS--- Scott H.
My family and I really enjoyed watching the St. Mary's/Williamstown game on WTAP. The station should really consider televising more high school football games next season. Watching a football game every Friday night via WTAP would be really enjoyable, and rivalry games (Warren/Belpre, Waterford/Fort Frye, PHS/ P-burg South) would be really great to watch. Thanks for you time and consideration. Keep up the good work! Summer B.
Gunnery Sergeant James L. here watching the Williamstown-St. Mary's game from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Fantastic job! It's nice to see a little slice of home from this far away. Thanks a million.
I am in the Air Force stationed at Seymour Johnson AFB in North Carolina. I am currently deployed to Balad Air Base in Iraq. I have been here for about two months now. I am an alumni of Williamstown High School and to be able to watch my son live on the internet in the semi final game was awesome. What a morale booster that was for me. I want to thank you and all of the employees of WTAP for making this possible. I woke up at 2:30 in the morning to watch the game. When I got to the office I found out that the internet was down base wide and had no idea when it was going to be back up and running. Not knowing when the internet was going to be back on line and not wanting to miss any more of the game I acquired a laptop and walked about three or four miles around the base until I located a wireless connection. I ended up standing on the side of a road with the laptop sitting on a concrete blockade watching the football game. For you at WTAP to air this live on the internet and give myself and other military personnel the opportunity to watch some hometown football especially when you have a son playing is just speechless. I can’t thank you enough for airing this game live. TSgt Danny T.


Thanks for broadcasting the game on the Internet. Being from St. Marys I was hoping that they could pull it off. If you could please relay to them that they played there hearts out. Scott D., U.S. Army retired, Kempner, Texas.

Thanks for streaming the game Friday. It was great to watch...R Evans WHS 1977 Richmond, VA
How wonderful to be able to watch that semifinal playoff game online. I live in Columbia, SC but was able to watch my nephew, Ryan Lott, help WHS advance to the championship game in Wheeling. Although we are hundreds of miles away, I have been following all the activities involving this game - online - all week on the WTAP / Parkersburg News websites. It was great to be able to see the action live - and to actually be a part of the game. Thanks for giving us that opportunity! Melissa K.