K-C Raceway Results - April 16, 2010

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CHILLICOTHE, OHIO-Wheelersburg, Ohio driver R.J. Conley made it two-for-two in the exciting 25-lap AMRA Late Model feature at Jeff and Vickie Schrader's K-C Raceway. In the Goodyear 410 sprint main, former champ Danny Smith, Chillicothe, Ohio scored the first 410 win of the year, while Jamie Adams took the Dan Reno Hobby Stocks, and Doug Adkins claimed the AMRA Advanced Services Modifieds.

Conley, last week's winner, picked up where he left off, but his job was a little tougher this time around. Dresden, Ohio's Donnie Moran jumped out to the lead on lap one of the late model feature. R.J. Conley and Greggie Oliver were neck-in-neck battling for the second position. Kenny Christy, Audie Swartz, and Jason Montgomery followed within close striking distance, as the entire field flat-footed the K-C highbanks. Donnie Moran got in a skirmish on the front stretch and was the first to go pitside, while four laps later B-main winner and racing journalist Scott Wolfe dropped out on lap 14.

Following Moran's caution, R.J. Conley took over the lead. Conley ran away from the pack at the drop of the green. Oliver clung to the runner-up, but continued with heavy heat from Swartz and Montgomery who were breathing down his neck. Swartz worked Oliver in the corners, but the straights were where Oliver was able to hold on. As the track locked down drivers challenged for every position, but Conley led the freight train to his second win.

Behind R.J. Conley, were Kenny Christy, Audie Swartz, Jason Montgomery, Greggie Oliver, Rod Conley, Devin Moran, Mark Frazier, Josh Tidwell, and Dylan Huron, who was the hard charger.

In the 410 main, Jimmy Nier and Smith brought the field to the line; as Sam Ashworth looped it in turn two for a complete restart. Nier reclaimed a big lead on the high side as Cole Duncan brought out a second caution after his machine stalled on the back stretch.

Nier took over yet again with Todd Kane and Jimmy Stinson settling into second and third. In turn two, Bryce Dickson and Ryan Myers got together for another caution. Smith, Kory Crabtree and Nick Naber followed the top three on the single file restart. Danny Smith overtook third from Jimmy Stinson on the low side and quickly reeled in Todd Kane on the outside. Crabtree pressured Stinson for fourth, while hard-charging Keith Baxter moved into tenth position from the tail by lap five.

Nier clipped the turn one wall and took a hard flip after going airborne several times. He escaped the tumble uninjured. Smith moved into the front position with Kane, Stinson, Crabtree, and Corey Conley following. Kane tried Smith on the low side and continued to press for several laps. Crabtree worked hard on the low side to peek at the third position over Stinson.

Crabtree was all over Jim Stinson for third working high and low, but unable to take control. Conley moved in and Crabtree focused on his hold on fourth. Smith approached lap traffic again with nineteen laps down. Stinson slipped into the second position around Todd Kane. Smith's lead was nearly an entire track's length as the white flag dropped and claimed the first win of the 2010 Goodyear Sprint Series. Kane, Stinson, Crabtree followed in a close battle for second and third with Conley, Naber, Neumeister, Adam Strausser, Sheldon Haudenschild, and Baxter rounding out the top ten. Baxter was the hard charger from the tail to tenth.

Last week in the AMRA Mods, Doug Adkins, West Portsmouth, Ohio, was the bridesmaid. This week he walked the aisle to a flag-to-flag win over the ever-persistent Brian Whiteman who was glued to Adkins bumper for the duration. Whiteman tried all the tricks to overcome the flying leader, but the "Buzzard" Adkins 'flew' on to the win.

Clint Keenan leap-frogged from 10th to fourth in torrid battles with Rob Stambaugh, Jeremy Rayburn, Bud Frazier, and Robin Duston, while Adam Colley was charging from the tail towards the top ten. Both Keenan and Colley earned hard charging honors. Stambaugh, Rayburn and one of K-C's greatest pioneers battled wildly for position as Whiteman was relentless in his efforts to over come Adkins. Pinkerton had a mid-race charge, but stalled with a credible 8th after starting 11th. When it all shook down Adkins posted the Advanced Services win ahead of Whiteman, Rob Stambaugh, Clint Keenan, Jeremy Rayburn, Bud Frazier, Robin Duston, Fireball Pinkerton, Jason Montgomery, and Adam Jordan.

In the Hobby Stock division Laurelville's Jamie Adams is the King of the Hill and sole proprietor of victory lane so far in 2010. The chassis builder extraordinaire wheeled to another win over former champ Tommy Mossbarger, who desperately tried to lasso the hard-charging Adams.
Meanwhile, although numerous battles were taking place in the pack, Tracey Ross was flat-footing it from 21st position all the way to a top ten (tenth). Joe Williams, Mark Kaetzel , Bruce Gray, Jr., Joe Buskirk, Brandon Thompson, Mike Brust, and Jayme Dailey all swapped positions, but when the checkered fell they trickled down in that running order with Ross rounding out the top ten.

Next week April 24, K-C will again have a regular show of four classes-410 sprints, AMRA Late Models, AMRA Advanced Modifieds, and Dan Reno Hobby Stocks. Then on April 30 and May 1 is the Dirt Cup Classic Weekend featuring one of the top purses of the 2010 racing season. Cars and drivers from all over the nation are expected!

Goodyear Series 410 Sprints (22)
• Fast Time-Danny Smith 13.133
• Dash- Jim Nier, Danny Smith, Jim Stinson, Todd Kane, Adam Strausser, Cole Duncan
• Heat One-Cale Conley, Ed Neumeister, Ryan Myers, Sheldon Haudenschild, Sam Ashworth, Nate Reeser, Rick Fraley, Keith Baxter
• Heat Two-Josh Davis, Kory Crabtree, Nick Naber, Randy Fink, Danny Holtgraver, Bryce Dickson, Ron Blair, Jesse McCreary
• Feature-Danny Smith, Todd Kane, Jimmy Stinson, Kory Crabtree, Cale Conley, Nick Naber, Ed Newmeister, Adam Strausser, Sheldon Haudenschild, Keith Baxter, Josh Davis, Danny Holtgraver, Randy Fink, Sam Ashworth, Ron Blair, Jesse McCreary, Nate Reeser, Ryan Myers, Jimmy Nier, Bryce Dickson, Cole Duncan
• Hard Charger-Keith Baxter

Late Models (25)
• Fast Time-RJ Conley 14.848
• WPAY Radio DASH: Donnie Moran, Greggie Oliver, Kenny Christy, R.J Conley, Audie Swartz, Devin Moran
• Heat One-Jason Montgomery, Delmas Conley, Billy Gullion, Dylan Huron, Josh Tidwell, Scott Wolfe, David Powers, Kevin Layne, Dean Boyd
• Heat Two-Rod Conley, Mike Wilson, Mark Fraizer, Nick Bocook, Shannon Thornsberry, Andy Bond, Randy Wynett, Bob Ramey, Kenny Spencer
• B Main-Scott Wolfe, Andy Bond, Dean Boyd, David Powers, Randy Wynett, Kenny Spencer, Kevin Layne, Bob Ramey, Body Scott
• Feature-R.J. Conley, Kenny Christy, Audie Swartz, Jason Montgomery, Greggie Oliver, Rod Conley, Devin Moran, Mark Frazier, Josh Tidwell, Dylan Huron, Nick Bocook, Shannon Thornsberry, Andy Bond, Billy Gullion, Mike Wilson, David Powers, Dean Boyd, Scott Wolfe, Donnie Moran
• Hard Charger-Dylan Huron

Advanced Services Modifieds (34)
• Heat One-Doug Adkins, Jeremy Rayburn, Jason Montgomery, Hoyt Reynolds, C.D. Judd, Jeremy Akers, Pete Castle, Bob Mapes, Brian Moore
• Heat Two-Bud Fraizer, Rob Stambaugh, Clint Keenan, Dave Jamison, Rick Neace, Luke Jordan, Phillip Bapst, Emmitt Beeler, Sean Schobelock
• Heat Three-Brian Whiteman, Robin Duston, Fireball Pinkerton, Bob Crace, Jr., Josh Edmisten, Adam Cawley, T.J. Harper
• Heat Four-Jason Cottrill, Doug Betts, Adam Jordan, Chuck Yeley, Bud Thornsberry, Fred Hardbarger, Jeff Conrad, Dale Dyers
• B Main 1-Luke Jordan, Rick Neace, Sean Schobelock, Phillip Bapst, Pete Castle, Beeler, Judd, Mapes, Moore, Akers
• B Main 2-Josh Edmisten, Adam Colley, Jeff Conrad, Dale Dyers, Adam Lawson, TJ Harper, Bud Thornsberry, Fred Hardbarger
• Advanced Feature-Doug Adkins, Brian Whiteman, Rob Stambaugh, Clint Keenan, Jeremy Rayburn, Bud Frazier, Robin Duston, Fireball Pinkerton, Jason Montgomery, Adam Jordan, Bob Crace, Jr., Doug Betts, Josh Edmisten, Adam Colley, Jason Cottrill, Hoyt Reynolds, Luke Jordon, Dave Jamison , Rick Neace, Chuck Yeley
• Hard Chargers: Adam Colley and Clint Keenan

Dan Reno Hobby Stocks (21)
• Heat One-Jamey Adams, Mike Brust, Bruce Gray JR., Justin Poling, Brandon Mather, Steve Burrow, Carl Warren
• Heat Two-Tommy Mossbarger, Joe WIlliams, Joe Buskirk, Jayme Dailey, Richard Trego, Paul Baker, Kurt Fisher, Mike Johnson
• Heat Three-Brandon Thompson, Mark Kaetzel, Tim Cutler, Travis Pertset, Bobby Carter, Richard Johnson, Tracey Ross, Brandon Wicker
• Dan Reno Feature-A Main: Jamey Adams, Tommy Mossbarger, Joe Williams, Mark Kaetzel , Bruce Gray Jr, Joe Buskirk, Brandon Thompson, Mike Brust, Jayme Dailey, Tracey Ross, Justin Poling, Paul Baker, Richard Trego, Tim Cutler, Brandon Mather, Steve Burrow, Travis Pertset, Courtney Fisher