K-C Raceway Results for May 22nd

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CHILLICOTHE, OHIO-Fans at K-C Raceway are still celebrating! Saying the Twin 25's at K-C Raceway were a huge hit for the fans and a big draw for the potent 410 Goodyear Sprint cars was a colossal understatement. Chillicothe, Ohio driver Danny Smith claimed the first 25-lap event, and then duplicated the feat in one of racing's rare last-to-first runs in the action packed nightcap. South Parkersburg, WV driver Kenny Johnson, the Southside Flyer, claimed the competitive 20-lap AMRA Advanced Services Modified main and Jamie Adams, now 4-of-5 this season, claimed the 15-lap Dan Reno Hobby Stock main.

A tough field of 33 sprint cars was whittled down to the starting 20 in the sprint car main. Veterans Danny Smith and Nick Naber paced the field to the green flag. After a lap five caution Dale Blaney restarted right on the tail of Smith. By lap eleven Blaney pulled alongside Smith, perhaps showing himself too soon, but Smith worked traffic to perfection and pulled way to six car lengths in the immediately ensuing laps.

Before it was over Smith had a straight-away lead and five lapped cars between he and Blaney as all 20 cars finished the 25-lap feature. The event was run in less than ten minutes despite one caution flag.

Rounding out the top ten behind Smith were Dale Blaney, Nick Naber, Ryan Myers, Jimmy Stinson, Cap Henry, Craig Keel, Keith Baxter, Adam Strausser, and Mike Linder. Craig Keel was the hard charger in a 12th to 7th run.
"I'm not in very good shape," huffed a red-faced Smith. "The track was fast and a little choppy, and that took a lot out of me. But it couldn't be helped...with all the rain we've had the track was in great shape."

The second feature started in exactly reverse order since all cars finished the first bout. Smith and Blaney brought up the rear, while Brandy Bower and Alec Martin paced the field to the green. Young Caleb Helms spun in turn one on the first lap and at the same moment Mike Linder lost power in turn three to set up a restart.

On the second start Bower looped it in front of the field. The chain reaction set off a Cap Henry flip and a Caleb Helms roll-over. Nick Naber was also eliminated in the mishap, but somehow Henry was able to continue.

Smith passed eight of the "faster" cars on the high side by the end of lap one and moved into sixth by the fourth lap. Meanwhile, young Alec Martin raced to a big lead over the first ten laps with Jamie "The Thriller" Miller close in tow. Martin drove the race of his life, and except for an occasional bobble, was one of the fastest cars on the track. Mark Imler held fourth, but Smith was to make him his next victim on lap nine. On the eleventh circuit Jamie Miller blew past Martin for the lead and a lap later Smith blasted by, already stalking the leaders.

Dale Blaney made a similar charge to the front as well from the 19th position. Miller continued to lead through lap 17 but Smith was starting to pressure in a good old fashioned game of cat and mouse. On lap 19 Ryan Myers caught a wheel and rode a wild series of mid-air barrel-rolls right in front of the leaders.

As if the drama of Smith and Blaney's race to the front, and the spectacular runs by Martin and Miller weren't enough, the finale unfolded into a cliffhanger. Miller, Smith, Blaney, Greg Wilson (also with gallant charge) and Martin lined up in that order. On the restart Smith rocketed into the lead with Blaney in tow. As the race wound down, the fans came to their feet as Smith beat Blaney by two car lengths in a rare tail-to-first finish.

"I didn't know where I was when the red came out, so when I looked up (at the board) I thought 'darn, I'm second'," said an exhausted Smith. "I knew we passed a few cars, but the track was so demanding tonight I couldn't keep it at the top. I'm just glad to come out of here with the win and be able to put on a show for the fans."

Rounding out the top ten were Smith, Blaney, Wilson, Miller, Brian Smith, Keith Baxter, Martin, Imler, Adam Strausser, and former outlaw and Weedsport, New York racer Craig Keel. For Smith it was a clean sweep as he also won hard charger honors.

A star-studded AMRA modifed main saw Adam Jordan get the jump on Kenny Johnson on the initial start, however, one of the nation's top point men Doug Adkins suffered mechanical woes to bring out the caution with just one lap down. Losing one of the most popular drivers earned a sigh from loyal fans, however, for Johnson it was a sigh of relief. Jordan paced the field to the second green, but Johnson made his move on the high side and blitzed to a commanding lead.

Up-and-coming driver Vince Conrad held off the challenges of defending champ Rick Hensley. Finally breaking away to chase down Johnson, Bob Crace, Jr. then bagged Hensley with Rick Venham, Jr. in a rare K-C start staking out a top five. After a late-race caution Crace launched into second and challenged Johnson for the win. The last two laps were a dog fight with Johnson defending the top spot for the win.

Crace made his bid for the win in crafty "cold duck"-style as Conrad, Venham, Hensley, Robin Duston, Adam Lawson, Buddy Brogan, Sean Schobelock, and Kevin Copher rounded out the top ten. Crace’s run was a great one, however, the hard charger award went to Hensley, who blasted from 17th to 5th.

"I just love this place," said an enthusiastic Johnson. "The K-C fans are great and it’s good to get the win here. We've finished well here and put on some great shows, but winning is what pays the bills."

In the Dan Reno Hobby Stocks, Jamie Adams of Laurelville, Ohio captured his fourth Hobby Stock main of the year virtually uncontested-- uncontested that is until the final two laps when lapped traffic clipped Adams and forced him into the slimy, mud-filled apron. Adams scrubbed off his momentum and Bruce Gray, Jr. saw his moment. Gray took the lead with two laps to go, while Adams struggled to regain control.

Adams blitzed back to Gray's quarter panels and rode the last two laps nose-to-tail. While lapped traffic slowed Adams, a lapped car gave Adams a chance to regain some fame. Adams dove low going into three and the two combatants raced side by side to the finish, where Adams edged by for the win.

The modest Adams accepted victory graciously, "I'd like to thank my wife and everyone who helps me. It got a little messy at the end. In fact I think I pushed Tim Cutler across the line and we both picked up some positions. This track was really fast tonight, and I feel fortunate to be able to come back and beat Bruce at the end."

Rounding out the top ten were Jamie Adams, Bruce Gray, Jr., Tommy Mossbabarger, Joe Buskirk, Jim Hildebrand, Brandon Thompson, Keith Dubois, Jayme Dailey, Richard Trego, and Brandon Mather. Buskirk, last week’s winner, earned hard-charger honors in a 17th to 4th place run.

Goodyear 410 Sprints (33)

Fast Time-Jimmy Nier 11:796
Dash-Danny Smith, Nick Naber, Ryan Myers, Dale Blaney, Cap Henry, Jimmy Nier
Heat One- Mark Imler, Brian Smith, Craig Keel, Greg Wilson, Shaun Valenti, Sam Ashworth, Brandi Bower, Pete Ischi, Cole Duncan
Heat Two-Adam Strausser, Keith Baxter, Mike Linder, Wes McGlumphy,Freddie Staats,Jesse McCreary, Kory Crabtree, Josh Davis, Randy Fink
Heat Three-Jimmy Stinson, Jamie Miller, Ed Neumeister, Caleb Helms, Joss Moffett, Alec Martin, Jon Webb, Eddie Miller, Ken Meggitt
B-Main: Greg Wilson, Wes McGlumphy, Caleb Helms, Alec Martin, Eddie Miller, Brandi Bower, Jon Webb, Pete Ischi, Shaun Valenti, Jesse McCreary, Josh Davis, Randy Fink,
Joss Moffett, Freddie Staats, Sam Ashworth, Ken Meggitt Cole Duncan, Kory Crabtree,
Feature One-Danny Smith, Dale Blaney, Nick Naber, Ryan Myers, Jimmy Stinson, Cap Henry, Craig Keel, Keith Baxter, Adam Strausser, Mike Linder, Brian Smith, Greg Wilson, Mark Imler, Wes McGlumphy, Jamie Miller, Ed Neumeister, Caleb Helms, Eddie Miller, Alec Martin, Brandy Bower.

Feature Two-Danny Smith, Dale Blaney, Greg Wilson, Jamie Miller, Brian Smith, Keith Baxter, Alec Martin, Mark Imler, Adam Strausser, Craig Keel, Wes McGlumphy, Eddie Miller, Ryan Myers, Cap Henry, Ed Neumeister, Jimmy Stinson, Brandi Bower, Caleb Helms, Nick Naber, Mike Linder,

AMRA Advanced Services Modifieds (40)

Heat One-Kenny Johnson, Doug Adkins, Derrick Smith, Bud Frazier, Doug Betts, Rick Hensley, Adam Lawson, C.D. Judd, Eric Arledge, Joe Hamon
Heat Two-Adam Jordan, Vince Conrad, Bob Crace, Jr., Kevin Copher, Matt Holcomb #28H,Adam Colley, Ken Patrick, Chuck Yeley, John Brady, Jr.
Heat Three-Buddy Brogan, Roger Shadwick, Robin Dustin, Derrick Walker, Joe Cox, Jason Cottrill, Brian Whiteman, Luke Jordon, Ricky Neace
Heat Four- Jason Montgomery, Fireball Pinkerton, Rick Venham,Jeremy Rayburn,Sean Schobelock, T.J. Harper, Steve Clemmons, Matt Holcomb #11, Tim Tribby
(**Finishes are Correct-There were two Matt Holcomb's)
B-Main One: Rick Hensley, Adam Lawson, Joe Hamon, Eric Arledge, Matt Holcbom, Adam Colley, John Brady, Jr., Doug Betts, Ken Pagtrick, Chuck Yeley, C.D. Judd, Brian Moore.
B-Main Two: Joe Cox, Sean Schobelock, T.J. Harper, J.P. Roberts, Cliff Crank, Luke Jordon, Jason Cottrill, Matt Holcomb, Brian Whiteman, Tim Tribby, Steve Clemmons, Rick Neace.
Feature- Kenny Johnson, Bob Crace, Jr., Vince Conrad, Rick Venham, Rick Hensley, Robin Duston, Adam Lawson, Buddy Brogan, Sean Schobelock, Kevin Copher, Derrick Smith, Jeremy Rayburn, Bud Frazier, Joe Cox, Adam Jordan, Roger Shadwick, Jason Montgomery, Derrick Walker, Fireball Pinkerton, Doug Adkins

Dan Reno Hobby Stocks (18)
Heat One-Jamie Adams, Jim Hildebrand, Tommy Mossbarger, Bruce Gray, Jr., Richard Trego, Butch Eblin, Tim Cutler, Courtney Fisher, Sam Parks
Heat Two-Bradnon Thompson, Jamie Dailey, Keith Dubois, Brandon Mather, Mike Brust, Justin Poling, Joe Buskirk, Jason Holstein
Feature-Jamie Adams, Bruce Gray, Jr., Tommy Mossbabarger, Joe Buskirk, Jim Hildebrand, Brandon Thompson, Keith Dubois, Jayme Dailey, Richard Trego, Brandon Mather, Tim Cutler, Mike Brust, Butch Eblin, Courtney Fisher, Justin Poling, Jason Holstein, Sam Parks

410 Goodyear Sprint Cars
(Points being calculated at Press time)

Modified Points
Doug Adkins 273
Jason Montgomery 254
Brian Whiteman 242
Bob Crace, Jr. 233
David Pinkerton 223
Robin Duston 220
Jeremy Rayburn 218
Doug Betts 193
Kenny Johnson 183
Sean Schobelock 173
Adam Lawson 172
Jason Cottrill 161
Bud Frazier 149
Adam Jordan 141
Adam Colley 135
C.D. Judd 132
Rob Stambaugh 132
Chuck Yeley 128
Hoty Reynolds 122
Brian Moore 120

Hobby Stock Points

Jamie Adams 327
Brandon Thompson 273
Tommy Mossbarger 266
Joe Buskirk 263
Mike Brust 235
Jim Hildebrand 228
Brandon Mather 225
Joe Williams 224
Bruce Gray, Jr. 222
Richard Trego 211
Tim Cutler 204
Jayme Dailey 203
Courtney Fisher 151
Justin Poling 147
Jason Holstein 130
Tracey Ross 130
Duane Ackley 111
Keith Dubois 109
Butch Eblin 97
Steve Burrow 90