K-C Raceway Results

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An awesome night and an awesome field produced some of the best racing of the year in the Twin 25's for the AMRA Late Models at Jeff and Vicki Schrader's K-C Raceway, where Salt Rock, WV driver Eddie Carrier claimed the first main and Jackson, Ohio's Greggie Oliver claimed the second. The night earned special interest with the Autism Speaks Will Kinzer Foundation folks on hand promoting Autism awareness and promoting the local initiative to cure Autism. Points' leader Jason Montgomery, Jackson, OH won the Advanced Services Modified A-main and Jamie Adams of Laurelville claimed his 8th feature in nine tries in the Dan Reno Hobby Stocks.

Some of the best names in the Midwest were on hand for the Twin 25 Late Model mains. The result was a flat-foot, pedal to the medal action that saw the Salt Rock Express Eddie Carrier, Jr. freight-train to the 1st feature win. Dash winner Andy Bond paced the field to the green flag, flanked by Carrier. Bond and Carrier battled ferociously for the initial sprint with Duane Chamberlain later getting into the mix. Greggie Oliver, Chad Smith and Delmas Conley entered into the firefight, only to have a mad scramble with lapped traffic that collected Bond, Oliver, and Ernie Hoschar.

The battle continued with Carrier zooming around the top of the choppy-fast 3/8 mile oval with Chamberlain a couple car lengths back. Chamberlain tried Carrier several times before the 'Express" rode on down the track to the night's first win. Ben Adkins blasted from 11th to sixth for the hard charger honors in his new Mastersbuilt B-7.

Rounding out the top ten were Carrier, Jr., Duane Chamberlain , Chad Smith, Delmas Conley, Keith Berner, Ben Adkins, Barry Doss, Ralph Withem, Brandon Kinzer, and Mark Frazier.

In the nightcap, the field of remaining running cars was inverted placing Carrier at the rear of the field. Much interest from the fans arose with anticipation for a good old-fashioned shoot out. Fans were not disappointed. Ernie Hoschar and Jeff Houser paced the field to the green flag with Houser taking the initial lead with Scott Wolfe in tow. Houser led the first five circuits, then Wolfe took the point until Ben Adkins stormed to the front to lead the next five laps. Tony Roush and Audie Swartz followed in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, Carrier, Conley, Chamberlain, Roush, Swartz, and Oliver were dicing it up with charges through the pack. As Adkins and Wolfe distanced themselves from the rest of the field Roush held off the pack for third. On the twelfth circuit, Adkins left with a flat leaving the lead to Wolfe. Soon Oliver and Chamberlain broke free from the field and blitzed by Wolfe on the high side following a lap 13 restart.

Wolfe anchored down third until the 16th circuit when Delmas Conley and the Racine driver tangled, collecting Roush and a few other evasive cars in the process. Wolfe was relegated to the tail on the no-stop rule.

Carrier continued his charge and Conley bagged Chamberlain for second, while Carrier and now Brandon Kinzer blasted towards the front. Conley and Carrier threatened Oliver, but when the checkered fell Oliver pulled comfortably into victory lane with a well-deserved, hard-earned win. Rounding out the top ten were Oliver, Conley, Carrier, Jr., Kinzer, Tony Roush, Chad Smith, Andy Bond, Audie Swartz, Keith Berner, and Dylan Huron. Carrier was hard charger in a last to third run.

In preparation for next week's DTWC qualifier, a robust field of 35 modifieds turned out for the AMRA Advanced Services modified program. Among the field were some of the best in the open wheel ranks. Jeremy Rayburn, Portsmouth, took the opening lead over pole-sitter Sean Schobeloch. Schobeloch, who has had a solid year, none-the-less fell prey to eventual winner Jason Montgomery on the next circuit. Schobeloch and Kenny Johnson filed into third and fourth as Rayburn held the top spot with Montgomery all over his rear quarters.

The "X-man" Montgomery made the winning pass on the tenth circuit. On back in the field Clint Keenan was charging from 15th to 7th in a strong top ten run. By midway Johnson had leap-frogged into second, Rayburn third, and a charging Chris Stotts now up to fourth. Stotts blasted into third on lap 15, then took over second from Johnson on lap 18. Time ran out on the young charger as Montgomery crossed the line first for the "flying X" crew. Rounding out the top ten were Montgomery, Chris Stotts, Kenny Johnson, Jeremy Rayburn, Rob Stambaugh, Joe Hamon, Clint Keenan, David Pinkerton, Brian Whiteman, and Bob Crace, Jr.

Keenan was hard charger, but also Joe Hamon and Bob Crace, Jr. had good runs from deep in the pack.

Some of the best Hobby Stocks on the national scene again assembled at K-C, but the results were still the same as Jamie Adams, the master car-builder, has turned master race-driver. Adams and Bruce Gray, Jr. the defending K-C champ battled it out early, but Adams secured the lead and was off to his 8th K-C win. The only other winner this season has been Joe Buskirk, whose bid for a win was stopped short behind Gray; never-the-less another fine run for the young driver. Team Mossbarger enjoyed a great night with veteran Roger notching fourth ahead of nephew Tommy, a former K-C Champion. Rounding out the top ten behind Adams were Gray, Jr., Buskirk, Roger Mossbarger, Tommy Mossbarger, high-flying Brandon Thompson, veteran Brad McCown, Justin Poling, Tim Cutler, and Richard Trego. Steve Karr was hard charger.

K-C returns to action for one of the biggest shows of the year and one of the most popular big-name races in the country--Budweiser Presents "The Night the Stars Come Out" featuring dual $5,000 to win 410 Sprint/Late Model features plus Advanced Services Modifieds. This is one show fans will not want to miss. Admission is a bargain at $25 general, $35 pit pass, and Kids 6-12 $10. Children under six are free.

The following week July 10 is Budweiser Presents-NRA 360 Sprints, Late Models, Mini Sprints, Advance Services Modifieds & Hobbies all for one $15 admission.

Late Models

Fast Time: Duane Chamberlain 14:416

Dash: Andy Bond, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Greggie Oliver, Duane Chamberlain, Ralph Withem, Chad Smith

Heat One: Barry Doss, Keith Berner, Ben Adkins, Billy Gullion, Jeff Houser, Kevin Layne, Audie Swartz, Tony Roush, Kenny Spencer, Dean Boyd,
Heat Two: Delmas Conley, Brandon Kinzer, Mark Frazier, Dylan Huron, Scott Wolfe, Ricky Neace, Shane Newman, Ernie Hoshar, Brian Huron

A-Main One: Eddie Carrier, Jr., Duane Chamberlain , Chad Smith, Delmas Conley, Keith Berner, Ben Adkins, Barry Doss, Ralph Withem, Brandon Kinzer, Mark Frazier, Andy Bond, Dylan Huron, Greggie Oliver, Tony Roush, Billy Gullion, Scott Wolfe, Audie Swartz, Jeff Houser, Ernie Hoshar, Kevin Layne

Hard Charger: Ben Adkins 11th to 6th

A-Main Two: Greggie Oliver, Delmas Conley , Eddie Carrier, Jr., Brandon Kinzer, Tony Roush, Chad Smith, Andy Bond, Audie Swartz, Keith Berner, Dylan Huron, Barry Doss, Kevin Layne, Jeff Houser, Duane Chamberlain , Scott Wolfe, Ben Adkins, Ernie Hoshar, Ralph Withem, Mark Frazier, Billy Gullion

Hard Charger: Eddie Carrier 20th to 3rd

AMRA Advanced Services Modifieds

Heat One: Sean Schobelock, Kenny Johnson, David Pinkerton, Bob Crace, Jr., Jeff Arnold, Steve Clemmons, Jeff Conrad, Doug Betts

Heat Two: Jeremy Rayburn, Brian Whiteman, Cliff Crank, Bud Frazier, John Arthurs, Fred Hardbarger, Ryan McCarley, Matt Yates

Heat Three: Jason Montgomery, Rob Stambaugh, Joe Hamon, Clint Keenan, Mitchel Sharp, Adam Whitten, Derrick Schadwick, Bob Mapes

Heat Four: Adam Lawson, Chris Stotts, T.J Harper, Jason Cottrill, CD Judd, Eric Arledge, Jamie Lawson

B-Main: Jeff Arnold, John Arthurs, CD Judd, Fred Hardbarger, Matt Yates, Jamie Lawson, Adam Whitten, Mitchel Sharp, Steve Clemmons, Eric Arledge, Jeff Conrad, Ryan McCarley, Derrick Schadwick, Doug Betts

A-Main: Jason Montgomery, Chris Stotts, Kenny Johnson, Jeremy Rayburn, Rob Stambaugh, Joe Hamon, Clint Keenan, David Pinkerton, Brian Whiteman, Bob Crace, Jr., Bud Frazier, Jason Cottrill, Fred Hardbarger, CD Judd, Jeff Arnold, John Arthurs, Cliff Crank, Adam Lawson, Sean Schobelock, T.J Harper

Hard Charger : Clint Keenan 15th to 7th

Dan Reno Hobby Stocks

Heat One: Bruce Gray, Jr., Joe Williams,Tommy Mossbarger, Brandon Thompson, Richard Trego, Steve Noble, Steve Karr, Bobby Carter

Heat Two: Jamey Adams, Roger Mossbarger, Joe Buskirk, Justin Poling, Keith Dubois, Jason Holstein, Shawn Settles, Deven Karr

Heat Three: Jim Hildebrand, Aaron Chesser, Brad McCown, Tim Cutler, Butch Eblin, Mike Brust, Brandon Mather

A Main: Jamey Adams, Bruce Gray, Jr., Joe Buskirk, Roger Mossbarger, Tommy Mossbarger, Brandon Thompson, Brad McCown, Justin Poling, Tim Cutler, Richard Trego, Butch Eblin, Steve Noble, Steve Karr, Joe Williams, Shawn Settles, Brandon Mather, Jason Holstein , Deven Karr, Keith Dubois, Aaron Chesser, Jim Hildebrand

Hard Charger: Steve Karr 19 to 13th