Skyline Speedway Results

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Over 50 hot AMRA Modifieds and over 120 cars packed the pits at Billy Jarrell's Skyline Speedway where a huge crowd again helped pay tribute to one of racing's great guys in the 2nd Annual Greg Schilling Memorial. Late Model Hall of Famer Rick Aukland claimed the AMRA showcase race, while the AMRA late model main went to South Parkersburg's Chris Carpenter over Josh McGuire, and Keith Baxter claimed the Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association main in dedication to the injured Danny Smith. Cars from six states were on hand for the event.

Nineteen of the finest open wheel modifieds in the country were led to the green flag by Rick Aukland and Dave McWilliams. High Plains Drifter Rick Aukland, formerly of South Dakota and now racing out of Zanesville, Ohio, got the initial jump over McWilliams with Kenny Johnson and Jeremy Berwanger close in tow.

Aukland waltzed around the inside rim to stretch out a healthy lead over McWilliams by lap ten. Berwanger staved off Johnson for third at his point, while Vince Conrad rode the middle groove past Johnson for fourth. The Commonwealth of Virginia's Russell Erwin was on the move, but Clint Keenan may have been the fastest car on the track by the halfway point.

Keenan had moved from twelfth to seventh, while at the same juncture Jeremy Blake caught Erwin in a bid for a top five.
By lap eighteen Aukland had hit lapped traffic and was clicking laps away in a hurry. Berwanger had now pressured McWilliams for second place with Conrad on his tail.

Defending Schilling Champion Chris Stotts moved from 16th to tenth by the lap 21 mark, and got what he needed when the leader Aukland encountered a lapped car and spun in front of the field. The caution was called on the lapped car, relegating the Late Model Hall of Famer Aukland back to first, albeit without his huge lead.

The anticipation of an exciting restart quickly went down the tubes as no one had anything for Aukland. It did get interesting in the run for second when Vince Conrad and Kenny Johnson took advantage of the restart. Johnson leap-frogged to third with a gallant high side run, while McWilliams anchored second. Rounding out the top ten were Rick Aukland, Dave McWilliams, Kenny Johnson, Vince Conrad, Jeremy Berwanger, Jeremy Blake, Chris Stotts, Clint Keenan, Doug Adkins, and Russell Erwin.

Third place Kenny Johnson (South Parkersburg), who had a strong stretch run, said, "I had on the soft tires so I was committed to the bottom. When I found out I had just five laps I moved to the top and the car took off. I knew I couldn't do that early, so I saved the best for last."

Second place Dave McWilliams said, "We had a little too much left rear in the car, but it was good overall. It just got up on the bars a little too fast, and in hindsight I should have jacked a little more right rear into it. It was a good run, especially when a driver the caliber of Rick (Aukland) is in front of you."

Winning Aukland said of his Big Rick Taworg Engines/Lightening Chassis, "The car was good about anywhere. It was good all night long. I really can't explain it, but it is an honor to be able to come down here and win this race."

Skyline continues to pack in some of the best late models in the region with a strong field of 33 cars. In the Late Model Main Chris Carpenter took the lead over Josh McGuire on the second lap and never looked back. McGuire tried Carpenter several times after the pass, but Carpenter was really hooked up in his #18 Rocket Chassis. Chris Garnes tried McGuire for second in a bid for his fourth win, but Carpenter was just too much for the following duo. Behind Carpenter were Carpenter, Josh McGuire, Chris Garnes, Larry Bond, Travis Brookover, Dan Morrison, Andy Bond, Jeff Burdette, Bub Crum, and KC Burdette.

In the 410 OVSCA sprint main Jimmy Nier led to the halfway point and in the early going appeared to be pulling away for his second win of the year. Keith Baxter had other thoughts as the Chillicothe driver hooked her up on the inside and ran Nier down by the halfway point after bagging the second B&J Welding car of Charlie Fisher. Baxter bore by Nier and went on to post his second win in a row on the smooth 3/8 mile battleground. Rounding out the top ten behind Keith Baxter were Jimmy Nier, Charlie Fisher, Kory Crabtree, Cole Duncan, Josh Davis, Eddie Slone, Andre Layfield, Freddie Staats, and Mitchell Harble.

410 Sprint Cars
Fast Time: Jimmy Nier

Heat One: Jimmy Nier, Bryce Dickson, Brandi Bower, Freddie Staats, Brian Benson, Jordan Harble, Chris Myers, Sam Mosher, Andre Layfield

Heat Two: Keith Baxter, Eddie Slone, Josh Davis, Adam Strausser, Dallas Hewitt, Tim Mosher, Ben Hickel, Eric Martin

Heat Three: Charlie Fisher, Kory Crabtree, Cole Duncan, Mitchell Harble, Greg Mitchell, Wes McGlumphy, Wayne McPeek, Jimmy Stinson
B-Main: Wes McGlumphy, Andre Layfield, Chris Myers, Jimmy Stinson, Wayne McPeek, Tim Mosher, Jordan Harble, Eric Martin, Sam Mosher, Ben Hickel

Feature: Keith Baxter, Jimmy Nier, Charlie Fisher, Kory Crabtree, Cole Duncan, Josh Davis, Eddie Slone, Andre Layfield, Freddie Staats, Mitchell Harble, Bryce Dickson, Wes McGlumphy, Greg Mitchell, Brian Benson, Chris Myers, Dallas Hewitt, Brandi Bower, Adam Strausser.

Late Models
Fast Time: Josh McGuire

Heat One: Josh McGuire, Roy Roush, Chris Garnes, Eric Francis, Nick Corbitt, Nelson Freshour, Ernie Hoschar

Heat Two: Chris Carpenter, Travis Brookover, Scott Wolfe, Jeff Burdette, Ted Dilley, Steve Bigley, George Klintworth, Ed Shuman

Heat Three: Larry Bond, Bub Crum, Andy Bond, Tony Roush, Ralph Withem, J.R. Crum, Mike Martin, Buckwheat Shutts

Heat Four: Dan Morrison, K.C. Burdette, Justin Powell, Colten Burdette, Chad Todd, Mike Benedum, Kevin Layne, P.J. Corbitt

B-Main One: Jeff Burdette, Eric Francis, Ted Dilley, Steve Bigley, Nelson Freshour, George Klintworth, Ernie Hoschar, Ed Shuman, Nick Corbitt

B-Main Two: Chad Todd, Colten Burdette, Ralph Withem, Mike Benedum, Kevin Layne, Tony Roush, Mike Martin, Buckwheat Shutts, P.J. Corbitt, J.R. Crum

Feature: Chris Carpenter, Josh McGuire, Chris Garnes, Larry Bond, Travis Brookover, Dan Morrison, Andy Bond, Jeff Burdette, Bub Crum, KC Burdette, Justin Powell, Scott Wolfe, Ralph Withem, Colten Burdette, Chad Todd, Ted Dilley, Roy Roush, Eric Francis

Fast Time: Kenny Riddle 15:48

Dash: Rick Aukland, Dave McWilliams, Kenny Johnson, Jeremy Berwanger, Jerry Farmer, Russell Erwin

Heat One: Jerry Farmer, Todd Robinson, Jim Fordyce, Don Maloney, Mike McPherson, C.D. Judd, Buddy Brogan, Derrick Smith, Curt Stacy, Chad Roush, Eric Erwin

Heat Two: Kenny Johnson, Vince Conrad, Rob Stambaugh, Jess Hartman, Chris Stotts, Jr. Nolan, Joe Hamon, Robert Garnes, Justin Carlson, Mike Sprouse

Heat Three: Dave McWilliams, Doug Adkins, Jeremy Blake, Matt Holcomb (11), Jeremy Rayburn, J.P. Roberts, Dave Jamison, Brian Probst, Dave Pinkerton, Bobby Kitchen
Heat Four: Rick Aukland, Kenny Riddle, Robbie Evans, Doug Henry, Brandon Patton, Joe Cox, Darren Glover, Dave Defibaugh, Jimmy Rhodes, Darrin Roush

Heat Five: Jeremy Berwanger, Matt Holcomb, Don Lewis, Robin Ours, Rick Venham,Jr., Justin Mullen, Brian Whiteman, Dusty Boley, Nick Carr

Heat Six: Russell Erwin, Clint Keenan, Frank Roush, Brent Hamilton, Del Cunningham, Buddy Brogan, Will Brogan, Kenny Carr, Shawn Donahue, Jeremy Roush

B-Main One: Chris Stotts, Nolan, Stambaugh, Hartman, Hamon, Garnes, Smith, Carlson, Judd, McPherson, Stacy, Sprouse, Erwin, Roush

B-Main Two: Jeremy Blake, Henry, Evans, Holcomb, Roush, Nolan, Glover, Hamilton, Jamison, Patton, Cox, Rhodes, Roberts, Probst, Defibaugh
Greg Schilling Memorial Feature: Rick Aukland, Dave McWilliams, Kenny Johnson, Vince Conrad, Jeremy Berwanger, Jeremy Blake, Chris Stotts, Clint Keenan, Doug Adkins, Russell Erwin, Bobby Kitchen, Jesse Hartman, Rick Venham, Jr., Jr. Nolan, Matt Holcomb, Todd Robinson, Kenny Riddle, Frank Roush, Doug Henry

Heat One: Martin Gibson, Jr., Will Holland, Cameron Roush, Samantha Roush, Hunter Teeters, Skylar Zimmerman

Feature: Will Holland, Cameron Roush, Samantha Roush, Skylar Zimmerman, Hunter Teeters