K-C Raceway Results

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A wild night of high-speed, high-quality racing highlighted the action at Jeff and Vickie Schrader's K-C Raceway Saturday night where a huge crowd convened for "Fan Appreciation Night". Capturing the second annual

"Tecumseh" was Vandalia, Ohio driver Jimmy Stinson, while Kenny Johnson won the AMRA Modified "Tomahawk 20" and Jamie Adams swept the Dan Reno "Broken Arrow 18". In the second of two AMRA Modified features Jeremy Rayburn, Lucasville, Ohio picked up the popular win.

They say races aren't won on the first lap, but Kenny Johnson, Parkersburg, WV proved everyone wrong in the first of two AMRA Advanced Services Modified features. Dubbed the "Tomahawk 20" Johnson squeezed between the wall and pole-sitter Rob Stambaugh on a three-wide start that saw Dave Pinkerton on the inner-most part of a spectacular start.

Johnson brought the fans to their feet once again on lap eleven when he came within a sliver of the turn four wall, passing two backmarkers in the process. The pass separated him from second place Stambaugh by about ten car lenths. A lap 14 caution for the disabled mount of Adam Lawson changed the complexion of the race. On the restart Stambaugh pressured Johnson to the inside, but the Southside Flyer rode the rim to a spectacular win.

Rick Hensley, Fireball Pinkerton, Jeremy Rayburn and Bob Crace scrapped hard for position back in the pack. Stambaugh sat comfortably in second, but the fight for third was the race of the night. When the dust had settled it was Johnson, Stambaugh, Hensley, Fireball Pinkerton, Greg Anderson, Jeremy Rayburn, Brian Whiteman, Bud Frazier, Tim Rayburn, Bob Crace, Jr., and Luke Jordon.

The victorious Johnson said, "I'd like to thank my 'High Side' fans and on this Fan Appreciation Night. This is one driver who appreciates the fans. I'd also like to thank Tim Cooper for all his help and Chad Nelson for helping me get to victory lane."

Referring to 'no marks' on his rear quarter panel, Johnson said, "Yes, I like like the high side. Right now it's clean, but I might have to use it in the second feature. (laughing)."

In the Dan Reno Hobby Stocks Tommy Mossbarger jumped into the early lead as Roger Mossbarger, Brandon Thompson, and Jamie Adams went three wide for second place. Adams took over second on lap four, but Mossbarger and Thompson reclaimed second and third the next time around.

A little paint trading highlighted the tight competition, but when it was said and done Adams again brought home the win. Behind Adams were Tommy Mossbarger, Thompson, Joe Williams, Richard Trego, Mike Brust, Bruce Gray, Jr., Jayme Dailey, Mike Johnson, Robert Walker, and Tim Cutler.

After three exciting heats involveing 34 quality sprint cars in the Goodyear 410 Sprint Feature, "The Tecumseh" field was set. Ryan Myers took the initial lead only to have Australian visitor Trevor Green (In Danny Smith's #4) take over at the completion of lap one. Myers tried Green several times, but couldn't make it stick as Jimmy Stinson, Nick Naber, Cole Duncan and Jimmy Nier fought furiously for third. Stinson then took over second and began to run down Green. A lap seven spin by Alec Martin collected Kory Crabtree.

Naber took over third on the restart with Nier in tow. Stinson pestered Green for the next three laps finally taking over the lead and blitzing to an eight car-length lead.

On lap 13 Dallas Hewitt caught the turn one wall and flipped the Charlie Brown Sprinter hard through turn two. Hewitt was initially shaken, but emerged from the 99 under his own power.

Cole Duncan and Sheldon Haudenshchild rode the high side toward the top five as two-wide, sometimes three-wide racing was again the norm for position. On the restart Stinson saw Green dive low but scrub off the neede speed for the pass. A scary high speed spin involving Adam Strausser and Ryan Myers went half the length of the backchute, but fortunately the entire field took evasive action.

Nier took second as Billy Jarrell cars took the top two spots. Sheldon Haudenschild blitzed into sixthas Kody kinser blasted by on the lowside to fourth. The two second generation drivers were on "GO" as Kinser took over fourth from Naber on the last lap.

Stinson said, "I couldn't see behind me but I knew the car was working good on the high side so I didn't let up. That was a hard twenty-five laps."

Stinson continued, "I'd like to thank Billy Jarrell for the great equipment and Jamie Miller for all his hard work on this car. Actually, I put the wrong left tire on the car before the feature and Andre Layfield's girlfriend pointed it out. I guess I need to thank her too, cause we had it right when I hit the track."

Rounding out the top ten behind third place Green, were Kinser, Naber, Sheldon Haudenschild, Cole Duncan, Josh Davis, Andre Layfield, and Travis Philo. Layfield and Philo both had good runs into the top ten after deep starts in the field.

On the start of the second AMRA main a wild melee collected several cars, including the flipping #8 of Dave Fireball Pinkerton. Bub Frazier, Rob Stambaugh, and Dale Lyons were also collected in the fray. All but Pinkerton and Frazier were able to continue.

Bob Crace, Jr. jumped into the early lead with Jeremy Rayburn close in tow. That duo put on a great show, while deep in the pack Kenny Johnson again brought the crowd to life with a rim-riding charge from 11th to fourth by lap five.

On lap six, in a bid for third, Johnson jumped the cushion and was relegated to the tail. Tim Rayburn had just taken over the lead over Crace as Sean Schobelock anchored down third.

Hensley bagged Schobelock and on lap ten took over second from Crace. One lap later Crace regained the spot igniting a position swapping battle that last for several laps. By lap 14 Johnson was back up to fourth, but his run ended there as Crace was able to shut the door and clamp down third.

Rayburn rolled on to the win aboard his #12 Estes Engines/Lightning Chassis. Rayburn said, "It was a battle. The car was great. I hit the wall in the first feature and didn't even know if we could get it ready for this one. From there things just fell into place."

Rounding out the top ten behind Rayburn, were Hensley, Bob Crace, Jr., Johnson, Luke Jordon, Tim Tribby, Whiteman, Stambaugh, Derrick Smith, and Jason Cottrill.

Coming Saturday, July 31 will be the first "Freedom 40" without wings under the United States Auto Club Banner. The “Freedom 40” on July 31 will mark the return of USAC Sprint car racing to K-C Raceway in Alma, Ohio. The race is part of the 2010 Amsoil USAC National Sprint Car Series.
Dave Darland, who won the last USAC race at K-C 16 years ago, is excited about the return engagement at the 3/8-mile dirt oval and will be one of many 30-plus entries making the non-wing trek to the K-C high-banks.

Goodyear 410 Sprints (34)
Fast Time- Cole Duncan 12:173
Dash- Trevor Green, Ryan Myers, Nick Nabor, Jimmy Stinson, Cole Duncan, Spud Gustin
Heat One- Kody Kinser, Adam Strausser, Travis Philo, Sam Ashworth, Keith Baxter, Charley Fisher, Eddie Slone, Jesse McCreary, Eddie Miller, John Shewbrook
Heat Two- Jimmy Nier, Alec Martin, Dallas Hewitt, Kory Crabtree, Andre Layfield, Mark Imler, John Webb, Randy Fink, Lance Webb
Heat Three- Sheldon Haudenschild, Josh Davis, Bryce Dickson, Mitch Harble, Dave Dickson, Rodney Duncan, Nathan Skaggs, Jordon Harble, Brandy Bower
B-Main: Andre Layfield, Sam Ashworth, Dallas Hewitt, Mitch Harble, Keith Baxter, Dave Dickson, Rodney Duncan, Charley Fisher, Jesse McCreary, Mark Imler, Eddie Slone, Brandy Bower, Eddie Miller, Randy Fink, Nathan Skaggs, Lance Webb, Jordon Harble, John Shewbrook, John Webb

The Tecumseh Feature
Jimmy Stinson, Jimmy Nier, Trevor Green, Kody Kinser, Nick Naber, Sheldon Haudenschild, Cole Duncan, Josh Davis, Andre Layfield, Travis Philo, Mitch Harble, Adam Strausser, Keith Baxter, Sam Ashworth, Bryce Dickson, Spud Gustin, Ryan Myers, Dallas Hewitt, Alec Martin, Kory Crabtree
Hard Charger-Mitchell Harble 19th to 11th

Advanced Services Modifieds (30)
Fast Time: Jeremy Rayburn 15:950
Heat One- Rob Stambaugh, Bud Frazier, Jeremy Rayburn, Luke Jordon, Jamie Lawson, T.J. Harper, Doug Betts, CD Judd
Heat Two- Kenny Johnson, Bob Crace, Jr., Dale Lyons, Tim Rayburn, Donnie Stewart, Jason Cottrill, Brian Moore, Brandy Hensley
Heat Three- Fireball Pinkerton, Adam Lawson, Derrick Smith, Fred Hardbarger, Bob Mapes, Tim Tribby, Steve Clemmons
Heat Four- Rick Hensley, Greg Anderson, Sean Schobelock, Brian Whiteman, Eric Arledge, Jeff Conrad, Aaron Chesser
B-Main- Tim Tribby, T.J. Harper, Brandy Hensley, Donnie Stewart, Jason Cottrill, Eric Arledge, Brian Moore, Jamie Lawson, CD Judd, Jeff Conrad, Bob Mapes, Doug Betts, Aaron Chesser, Steve Clemmons

Tomahawk 20
A-Main One- Kenny Johnson, Rob Stambaugh, Rick Hensley, Fireball Pinkerton, Greg Anderson, Jeremy Rayburn, Brian Whiteman, Bud Frazier, Tim Rayburn, Bob Crace, Jr., Luke Jordon, Dale Lyons, T.J. Harper, Donnie Stewart, Fred Hardbarger, Brandy Hensley, Adam Lawson, Sean Schobelock, Derrick Smith, Tim Tribby
Hard Charger- Brian Whiteman 16th to 7th

A-Main Two-Jeremy Rayburn, Rick Hensley, Bob Crace, Jr., Kenny Johnson, Luke Jordon, Tim Tribby, Brian Whiteman, Rob Stambaugh, Derrick Smith, Jason Cottrill, Dale Lyons, Fred Hardbarger, Donnie Stewart, Tim Rayburn, T.J Harper, Eric Arledge, Greg Anderson, Brandy Hensley, Bud Frazier, Fireball Pinkerton.
Hard Charger-Tim Tribby 18th to 6th

Dan Reno Hobby Stocks (24)
Heat One- Tommy Mossbarger, Brandon Thompson, John Powell, Jason Holstein, Mike Brust, Robert Walker, Steve Karr, Kevin Woodall
Heat Two- Roger Mossbarger, Brad McCown, Jim Hildebrand, Bruce Gray, Jr., Richard Trego, Brandon Mather, Jayme Dailey, Tim Cutler
Heat Three- Jamey Adams, Joe Buskirk, Joe Williams, Mike Johnson, Patrick Parks, Butch Eblin, Courtney Fisher, Deven Karr
B-Main- Butch Eblin, Brandon Mather, Jayme Dailey, Robert Walker, Courtney Fisher, Tim Cutler, Steve Karr, Kevin Woodall, Deven Karr

Broken Arrow 18
A-Main- Jamey Adams, Tommy Mossbarger, Brandon Thompson, Joe Williams, Richard Trego, Mike Brust, Bruce Gray, Jr., Jayme Dailey, Mike Johnson, Robert Walker, Tim Cutler, Butch Eblin, Patrick Parks, Brandon Mather, Jason Holstein, Joe Buskirk, John Powell, Roger Mossbarger, Jim Hildebrand (DQ), Brad McCown (DQ)
Hard Charger- Jayme Dailey 18th to 8th