Skyline Speedway Results

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STEWART, OHIO-A nice crowd and much excitement highlighted the Jack Shutts Memorial race at Skyline Speedway Friday night where Parkersburg's Chris Carpenter picked up the dramatic win in a field of 34 late models. Veteran Charlie Fisher, Columbus, Ohio picked up his first win in ten years in the 410 Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association main event, while AMRA point leader Kenny Johnson of South Parkersburg claimed the modified win, Jarrod Willis of Stewart claimed the Pure Stocks, Dennis Adkins of Portland, Ohio took the Four Cylinder main.

In the 35-lap, $2,000 to win A-main, Chris Carpenter took the lead from Tim Dohm on the first lap and never looked back despite heavy pressure from Zach Dohm for most of the race. Pole-sitter and fast timer Tim Dohm dropped out with mechanical problems on the second round, paving the way for another Carpenter-Dohm battle the rest of the way.

Carpenter's Rocket blasted off and kept Dohm in check the latter stages of the race. Tyler Carpenter, Rod Conley, Audie Swartz, and Chris Garnes battled hard for top five positions as action heated up back in the pack.

Garnes had charged from 11th up to fourth and challenged Conley for third, while Audie Swartz held off another hard charger, Jeff Burdette (up from 13th TO 6th). Larry Bond also made up some turf along the way in a charge off the tail to seventh to earn hard charger honors.

With good consistent runs, Justin Powell, Ralph Withem, and Roy Roush battled endlessy for position. When the checkered flag fell it was Carpenter, Dohm, Conley, Garnes, Swartz, J. Burdette, Bond, Powell, Withem, and Roush rounding out the top ten.

In the OVSCA sprint main, engine builder Charlie Fisher took off from driving chores the larger part of a decade to concentrate on his racing engine business. A couple seasons ago, Billy Jarrell asked his engine builder to fill the seat of the infamous number 22 and Fisher reluctantly agreed. With nearly two full seasons back under his belt and consistent finishes, the former sprint champion held off a hard charging Andre Layfield for his first win in ten years.

Said Fisher, "The key to the win was Billy not firing me sometime during the past two years (laughing). Billy gave me a good ride and after a dry spell, it feels good to get back in victory lane."

Heat winners Freddie Staats and Charlie Fisher brought the field to the initial start. Fisher's Maxim/Fisher powered car blasted into a commanding lead, but after a caution the lead was eclipsed on lap five. On the restart a persistent Andre Layfield started to dog Fisher on every lap, first on the inside then the outside. Fisher appeared to get a couple breaks in traffic, but each time Layfield recovered and was back pressuring Fisher. On the 20th circuit, spins by Brian Benson and Wes McGlumphy slowed the field.

Layfield tried Fisher to the inside, but Fisher protected the bottom. Keith Baxter, up from 10th, now pressured Layfield for second. The exciting finish saw Fisher hang on for the win over Layfield, Baxter, Josh Davis, Jimmy Nier, Jimmy Stinson, Bryce Dickson, Freddie Statts, Dave Dickson, and Dallas Hewitt.

Nier--the race hard charger-- raced from 13th to fifth following a hard charging Davis, up from 7th to fourth in a consistent run.

Kenny Johnson put the Two Brothers Shaw Chassis back in Skyline victory lane after a flag-to-flag run over Doug Henry and Andy Bond. Bond was the winner last week in Henry's car, but had to settle in for third driving Mark Luning's 7L this week. After tearing up a rear end in the heat, Jeremy Blake stormed off the tail to finish sixth to earn hard charger honors. J.P. Roberts had a great run after winning his heat and posted a strong fourth over an embattled Robbie Evans.

Rounding out the top ten behind Johnson were Doug Henry, Andy Bond, J.P. Roberts, Robbie Evans, Jeremy Blake, Jeremy Berwanger, David Griffin, Jr., Robert Garnes, and Del Cunningham.

The Pure Stock main was one heck of a battle for nine laps as Gary Gould scrapped tooth-and-nail with Skyline Mainstay and winner of ten features, Ryan Wilson. The dynamic duo fought hard until Gould thought he had his chance in turn one. The cars collided and Gould looped it in turn two only to keep moving and only dropping back to 6th. Wilson recovered, but two laps later developed a flat tire. Wilson ran second for a couple laps despite the flat, but eventually dropped out. George Klintworth and Shane Roush battled hard for good finishes and Gould edged Shelly Powell for a top five. Willis' win broke Wilson's 8-race win streak.

The main beneficiary was up-and-coming driver Jarrod Willis, who each time out gets a little faster in grooming himself for a great career.
Willis charged on to the win over lawman Tommy Murphy, George Klintworth, Shane Roush, Gary Gould, Shelly Powell, Curt Reck, Richard Wilson, Gary Lucas, Keith Marlow, Ryan Wilson, and Justin Carpenter.

Track dominator Tommy Adkins lost his brakes in the heat race, and lacked that little bit of u-u-umph to get past cousin Dennis Adkins. The duo brought along a persistent Randy Wise for the ride in a torrid three car battle to the checkered. Dennis Adkins' win broke Tommy Adkins six-race win streak dating back to Dennis' win in the Gene Adkins Tribute race.

Shayle Griffey figured out the track by feature time and broke Will Holland's win streak in the Mini-Wedges. The two waged a great battle until the last three laps when Griffey dominated. Holland finished a respectable second in a banner year for this young man. Rounding out the top ten were Martin Gibson, Cole Mayle, Westley Baker, Samantha Roush, and Skylar Zimmerman.

Skyline Speedway will be off the next two weeks with the next racing event a full program for all classes plus a Four Cylinder invitational on August 20.

410 Sprint Cars
Fast Time: Jimmy Nier 12:33
Heat One: Freddie Staats, Sam Ashworth, Josh Davis, Keith Baxter, Jimmy Nier, Keith Crabtree
Heat Two: Charlie Fisher, Benny Hickel, Andre Layfield, Eddie Miller, Chris Myers, Nathan Skaggs
Heat Three: Wes McGlumphy, Dallas Hewitt, Jimmy Stinson, Bryce Dickson, Dave Dickson, Brian Benson
Feature: Charlie Fisher, Andre Layfield, Keith Baxter, Josh Davis, Jimmy Nier, Jimmy Stinson, Bryce Dickson, Freddie Statts, Dave Dickson, Dallas Hewitt, Sam Ashworth, Kory Crabtree, Brian Benson, Eddie Miller, Chris Myers, Wes McGlumphy, Nathan Skaggs, Benny Hickel

Late Models
Fast Time: Tim Dohm 13:38
Heat One: Tim Dohm, Audie Swartz, Scott Wolfe, Richard Frazier, Jeff Burdette, P.J. Corbitt, Dallas Carpenter, Barry Lowery
Heat Two: Chris Carpenter, Travis Brookover, Justin Powell, Larry Bond, Danny Talbott, Buckwheat Shutts, Mike Martin, George Klintworth
Heat Three: Tyler Carpenter, Rod Conley, Chris Garnes, Colten Burdette, Andy Bond, K.C. Burdette, Ted Dilley, Steve Bigley
Heat Four: Zach Dohm, Ralph Withem, Roy Roush, Bub Crum, Ronnie Mayle, Dan Morrison, Dan Kittrell, Shannon Evans
Consy one-Jeff Burdette, Richard Frazier, Larry Bond, Danny Talbott, Buckwheat Shutts, Mike Martin, George Klintworth, Dallas Carpenter, P.J. Corbitt, Barry Lowery
Consy Two-Bub Crum, Andy Bond, K.C. Burdette, Colten Burdette, Dan Morrison, Ronnie Mayle, Steve Bigley, Danny Kittrell, Ted Dilley
Feature: Chris Carpenter, Zach Dohm, Rod Conley, Chris Garnes, Audie Swartz, Jeff Burdette, Larry Bond, Justin Powell, Ralph Whitman, Roy Roush, Tyler Carpenter, Andy Bond, Scott Wolfe, Bub Crum, Richard Frazier, KC Burdette, Tim Dohm, Travis Brookover

Heat One: Kenny Johnson, Doug Henry, Del Cunningham, Kurt Stacy, Matt Holcomb, Jeremy Roush, Del Cunningham, Nick Carr, Darren Roush
Heat Two: J.P. Roberts, Robbie Evans, Andy Bond, Zach Kisner, Frank Roush, Larry Clark, Derrick Smith, Jeremy Blake
Heat Three: Mike McPherson, Robert Garnes, Vince Conrad, David Griffin, Jr., Rick Venham, Jr., Jeremy Berwanger, Rick Kapel
B-Main: Jeremy Berwanger, Jeremy Blake, Jeremy Roush, Darren Roush, Rick Kapel, Nick Carr, Larry Clark, Derrick Smith
Feature: Kenny Johnson, Doug Henry, Andy Bond, J.P. Roberts, Robbie Evans, Jeremy Blake, Jeremy Berwanger, David Griffin, Jr., Robert Garnes, Del Cunningham, Vince Conrad, Mike McPherson, Rick Venham, Jr., Frank Roush, Matt Holcomb, Jeremy Roush, Kurt Stacy, Zach Kisner

Pure Stocks
Heat One: Ryan Wilson, Gary Gould, Tommy Murphy, Gary Lucas, Richard Wilson, Nick Ley, Keith Marlow
Heat Two: Jerrod Willis, George Klintworth, Shelly Powell, Shane Roush, Curt Reck, Justin Carpenter
Feature: Jerrod Willis, Tommy Murphy, George Klintworth, Shane Roush, Gary Gould, Shelly Powell, Curt Reck, Richard Wilson, Gary Lucas, Keith Marlow, Ryan Wilson, Justin Carpenter

Four Cylinders
Heat One: Dennis Adkins, Jeff Rankin, Steve Brown, Heath Warren, Clint Carsey, Ryan Donaldson, John Rankin
Heat Two: Tommy Adkins, Randy Wise, Chris Lauer, George Klintworth, Bradley Gebhart, Dean Wingrove, Barry Kitts, Steve Mesa
Feature: Dennis Adkins, Randy Wise, Tommy Adkins, Chris Lauer, Bradley Gebhart, George Klintworth, Jeff Rankin, Barry Kitts, Clint Carsey, Dean Wingrove, Steve Mesa, John Rankin, Ryan Donaldson, John Brown, Heath Warren

Heat One: Martin Gibson, Jr., Cole Mayle, Cameron Roush, Samantha Roush
Heat Two: Will Holland, Wesley Baker, Shayle Griffey, Skylar Zimmerman, Lucas Shaw

Shayle Griffey, Will Holland, Martin Gibson, Cole Mayle, Westley Baker, Samantha Roush, Skylar Zimmerman