Brittany Lincicome Shines at Rotary Sour Mash

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The 43rd annual Rotary Sour Mash at the Parkersburg Country Club was one for the ages Monday afternoon. The previous-year's winners, Jeff Schramm, Matt Macatol, Phi Chen, and Jay Ruffing, had the honor of playing with LPGA golfer Brittany Lincicome.

While the gentlemen played a "best ball" round of 63 between them, Lincicome stole the show. She shot an 11-under round of 62, setting a new course record. The country club's PGA Pro Scott Davidson played with Lincicome, and dropped that score to a combined 61.

Schramm, Macatol, Chen, and Ruffing helped raise over 5,000 dollars for West Virginia Junior Golf in preparation for today's event.

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