Mountaineer Players: In Their Own Words

Redshirt-Freshman quarterback Ford Childress
On how camp has been going thus far:
I thought it went really well yesterday. We got a lot of new guys in there, and they are starting to learn and are picking up the offense.

On the quarterback competition:
It was pretty even yesterday. We are all just trying to get better and are pushing each other. Once we get our pads on, we will really get to see the difference.

On what can be learned from (redshirt-junior quarterback) Clint Trickett:
He has a lot of experience and knows what he is doing. He has played in big games and has been through three years of college football, so he is a good guy to be around. I will see what tricks he can teach.

On his own improvement from last year to this year
I feel a ton better with the offense. I actually know what is going on, what the defense is doing and what I need to call and check out of everything.

On if he had to play last season
I think I would have been ready. I don’t think we could have done as dynamic of stuff as Geno (Smith) did with his checks and reads. I was not up there, but I think we could have operated well.

Redshirt-Senior offensive lineman Curtis Feigt
On the young guys and if anyone has stood out
The young guys really did not get any reps yesterday. As far as I can tell, it was mainly the first and second group working with us yesterday.

On reshaping own body
I lost a little bit of weight. It was mainly adjusting my diet and watching what I was eating. During the summer and winter workouts, it was coming in extra and doing a little bit more cardio. It was a mutual interest because I felt that I could be able to move a little bit better when I lost a little bit of weight, and it showed in the spring that I was able to move better than I did last year in the season.

Junior running back Andrew Buie
On how it feels to be back playing
It feels good to be back with the team and getting into the routine of things. It was a good first day yesterday. Right now you are just getting a feel for everything and getting re-introduced to the routine of practice, but we will put the pads on in a couple of days and that is when everything will really start to settle itself out and you can see who will be able to do what.

On having several running backs on the roster that can play right away
There is definitely a lot of competition in the room, which is good. Who doesn’t want to play against good competition that will push you to be better? We are just going in day-in-and-day-out and trying to work hard and push each other to make each other better. Good competition is always good and makes you better. I am just looking forward to being able to play, and whatever my role is, I am just going to do it to the best of my ability.

Junior wide receiver Kevin White
On how it feels to be back in practice
It feels good, and I am loving it. There is a lot of competition out there, and it is fast-tempo, fast-paced.

On the install with new guys and what is toughest
The toughest thing is reading the coverage. Sometimes we get a little lost or confused, but the new guys are picking everything up well. It is a little slow, but they are doing pretty well.

On how spring helped going into camp
It [spring] helped me a lot. If it wasn't for spring, I would probably be pretty deep on the depth chart. I know everything and know the plays. When I get the calls I do not have to think, I know what I have to do.

On the biggest thing took away from the spring
Getting in the film room. I wasn't used to always having to look at the practice and seeing what I did wrong. That was the biggest thing that helped me during the spring.

Junior quarterback Paul Millard
On quarterback competition
Once we get the pads on in a few days and we can actually do some situational stuff, I think that things will clear up a little faster. Right now we just have to go day-by-day.

On relationship between the quarterbacks
At the end of the day, we are all teammates and somebody is going to step up to lead this team. For me personally, I am just going out there every day and trying to get better. Obviously we all have the same goal in mind - to be the starting quarterback of this team. There is no reason to really stress about it because that is not going to help us in the situation.

On how this camp feels compared to last year
Obviously the starting quarterback spot is still vacant, so there is defiantly a different feel. There is a whole new team out there this year than there was last year. There are new leaders, new opportunities for myself and a lot of other guys. There are a lot of positions that are available right now.

On his mindset for taking the job
I want to step up and be the starting quarterback for the Mountaineers this year. That is the mindset you have to have going into camp - that you are that guy. That is definitely my mindset.

Junior running back Dreamius Smith
On redshirt-senior running back Charles Sims
He is a great running back and has a good burst. When you get the ball in his hands you can see that he can actually do stuff with it. We are going to work something out between him and me of course with maybe a big package back there, but regardless if he plays or I play, we are going to have a good season.

On playing in the slot
As of right now no, I haven’t (played there). If they ever ask, I will be willing to do it. Back at my junior college I played there.

On what he brings to this team as a big back
I knew when I first got here I wanted to be able to use my big size and use my speed at the same time. I focused on that when I started workouts in the winter and transitioned in the summer. I believe that I can bring a lot of speed along with the power and vision to do whatever I can to help us out.

Senior wide receiver Ivan McCartney
On going home for six months
My grandfather was very sick, so I went back and helped him and my dad out. I continued to work out because I knew I would be playing again. Everything just folded and played its part. Everything just happens for a reason. I am glad to be back.

On the process of coming back to WVU
I stayed in contact with the coaches. Once everything cleared up at home, it was just the right thing to do.

On the environment at WVU when he came back
We are more as one. This team is more family oriented and everybody is hungry. We push each other; this is a team. That is the biggest difference from last year.

On seeing himself as a leader
With the things that I have been through, I think that it is the right thing for me to do - to bring the younger guys up the right way instead of taking the wrong way. Maturing is a big part of the game now.

Redshirt-Sophomore linebacker Isaiah Bruce
On the first day of camp
It felt pretty good. Getting out there, getting the helmets back on, getting to run and actually play some football - it was fun.

On this time of camp not being 'real' football
I would agree on that. Just getting the concepts down, going back over plays and getting in meetings with our coaches and everything. Understanding what we need to do before we get to that point is also good.

On the younger defensive players and expectations from them
I think they're going to do pretty well. We played a lot of younger players last year, and we've been doing so many reps with everyone. It's going to be interesting in this camp, and it's going to lead to improvement for everybody.

On Bruce's personal improvements in the offseason
I think I improved pretty well. I got stronger, I got bigger and I got my weight up. I got faster. I just got better in all aspects.

Senior defensive lineman Shaq Rowell
On impressions from the first day of fall camp
We're just out there having fun. We really can't get a look from what we did yesterday, but the defensive dominated. Coach Holgorsen isn't going to like that. But we had fun as a team yesterday. I saw everyone working hard, even though we didn't have shoulder pads on. I could tell camp is going to be fun and intense just from what I saw yesterday. I'm really excited.

On the defense's attitude and mentality headed into this season
Last year, we had a lot of young guys. We had 10 freshmen playing. This year, those freshmen have experience now and I feel like our defense is more simple. We're just going straight forward instead of stepping sideways. Everything that (defensive coordinator) coach (Keith) Patterson has been teaching us this year is to attack people. I feel like, overall, this defense will be better than most people predicted it was going to be.

On what the defense needs to do this season
If you want to be a good defense, I feel like you have to have a nasty mindset. You can't be nice on the field. I think we have to be nasty on the field, but in the locker room we love each other. On the field, though, I feel like we have to be nasty or we're going to have the same results we had last year.

Senior cornerback Brodrick Jenkins
On Jenkins' reaction of fall camp getting started
I felt day one was a good day in the right direction. We had a lot of competition going on, on all sides - offense, defense and special teams. We really got something finished in the right fashion. We've got something good to look forward to.

On the energy level on defense in practice
The first day is always going to have a lot of energy. The first day back, everyone is getting their jitters out of the way. It's a new group of guys trying to see how we can put things together. As far as that, I love the energy. A lot of the young kids came out and really showed that they're trying to compete, as well as the older guys. Every position tried to prove that we are trying to be the best defense that we can be.

Senior defensive lineman Will Clarke
On last year serving as a learning attitude
We have a moving on attitude with it, I would say. We learn from it, leave it in the past and build on that for this year.

On what the defensive line needs to do better this year
We need to be more consistent, more aggressive, get off blocks and make plays.

On senior running back Charles Sims
He's a really quiet and cool guy. He gets along with everybody. From what I've seen so far, it's only been day one so it's hard to really judge, but he seems like a great talent so far.

On the defense and its ability to come together as a unit
A lot of us played together last year, so it's easier to get back on the same page and to take in the new things that coach Patterson is bringing on with us.

Sophomore safety Karl Joseph
On having a clean slate this season
It's just a new beginning. We have a chance out there to get better every day throughout camp. I'm just preparing for the season.

On Joseph's mentality looking back at last season
We just forget about last season. Last season doesn't matter. What happened last year is done with so we are just focusing on this season.

On the defense needing to be 'nasty'
That's our mentality. We have a chip on our shoulders. We're going to be very physical this year. On the physicality in practice We're trying to get better every day so we compete with each other. The guys are getting really physical with each other so far.

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