Pioneers Prepare for Home Baseball Opener

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While it's tournament time in college basketball, the college baseball season is heating up.

The 2 time defending National Champion Marietta College Pioneers are gearing up for their home opener tomorrow afternoon.

With temperatures in the 30's and snow flurries on the outside, Pioneer coach Brian Brewer decided it was a good day to be practicing on the inside

The Pioneers were practicing at their indoor facility in the Dyson Baudo Center.

Marietta is just back from a week long Florida trip They have a 7-3 record on the young season and are ranked second in country in the Division III baseball poll.

This year's version of the 'Etta Express will be very different from the one that won back to back World Series Championships.

There will be new faces in the starting rotation and the mid infield.

Coach Brewer says each team and each season are unique,.and this team will find it's own identity over the next 3 and half months

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