Pruett Favors Continued WVU-Marshall Football Rivalry

A legendary Marshall football coach is in town for a good cause.

Bob Pruett a was a speaker at the annual S.W. Resources Awards Banquet

Coach Pruett was honored to be part of a special night to recognize people who do so much for the cause of the sheltered work shop each year

Pruett was the head coach of the Herd when it was the winningest team of the 90's

It's not surprising that he's a big proponent of the Friends of Coal Bowl which features the Thundering Herd and WVU Mountaineers facing off for in state bragging rights.

The current series is coming to an end, and renewal is in doubt.

Pruett believes the rivalry on the football field may be put on the back burner for a couple of years.

But he believes that the state's 2 major football programs should face each other every year.

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