Sports Jamboree

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For more than a quarter century, youths from across North America have come to West Virginia’s North Bend State Park in the summer to enjoy what many of us take for granted. Racing. Shooting hoops. Dancing and singing with fellow campers. Squirting each other with water guns. Tossing a ball or a Frisbee.

At the International Sports Jamboree for the physically challenged, a yearly event sponsored by the Verizon West Virginia Pioneers, teens and pre-teens who are visually impaired or use wheelchairs can participate in recreational events designed for them. The 2012 Jamboree is July 20th, 21st and 22nd.

Basketball hoops “beep” so they can toss free throws into nets they cannot see. Wheelchairs fly down 40-yard slalom courses. Participants form teams for special contests like our pilot race in which a visually impaired contestant pushes a partner in a wheelchair with ever so careful directions.

If you would like to sponsor a participant or make a donation to the Sports Jamboree, please contact us by calling the WV Pioneer Office (304) 744-7222. Also available: Bronze Donation $25 to $100. Silver Donation $101 to $225. Gold donation $226 to $315 and Platinum Donation $316 & above.

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