St. Marys Girls Basketball Game Moved To Parkersburg Catholic

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The St. Marys girls basketball game moved to Parkersburg Catholic today. St. Marys was to host the Parkersburg Catholic Crusaders this evening, but the game will now be played at Catholic.

Parkersburg Catholic Assistant Athletic Director, Steve Clegg tells WTAP News, St. Marys made the request this afternoon because of a problem at its gym.

That problem happened when mats from a pee wee wrestling tournament were pulled from the gym floor. The tape securing the mats peeled the varnish from the floor. St. Marys athletic director Danny Venderlic tells WTAP News the gym floor is slick in those spots and safety was a concern.

Venderlic says Thursday's game with Ritichie county is now at Ritchie. The Blue Devils may not play another home game until January 3rd.

Venderlic says the school is working to get an repair estimate, along with a decision about who pays for those repairs.

Tonight's game between St. Marys and Parkersburg Catholic tips off at 6:00pm with the junior varsity. The varsity game is scheduled for 7:30.

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