WTAP-Burger King Girls All MOV Basketball Team

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Girls First Team

Kim Barker - Waterford H.S.
Heather Booth - Frontier H.S.
Erica Dawson- Marietta H.S
Kelsea Fickiesen - St. Marys H.S.
.Liz Flowers - Williamstown H.S.
Morgan Liedtke- Fort Frye H.S.
Emily Rector - Ravenswood H.S.
Tori Wilson - Parkersburg H.S

Girls Second Team

Brooke Drayer- Waterford H.S.
Audra Clark- St . Marys H.S.
Maegan Grosel- Marietta H.S.
Leah Hughes- Parkersburg Catholic H.S.
Allison Flowers- Belpre H.S.
Hannah Maston Parkersburg South H.S.
Taylor Buchanan Fort Frye H.S.

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