WVU women's team reacts to win over Notre Dame

WVU 65, No. 2/2 Notre Dame 63
Postgame Quotes

WVU Coach Mike Carey

Opening Statement

It's a great win for us. Notre Dame is a great team and they deserve to
be No. 1 or No. 2 in the country. They are well coached and have great
players. With that being said, I thought our players came in here, even
though we're young, and got in foul trouble early and we had to play
some players who don't play a lot of minutes and they did a great job.
I'm very proud of our team. I thought they came in here with a tough
crowd. 9,000 or more people and a great atmosphere, but our players came
in a did a great job. Asya Bussie in the last two or three games has
been carrying us. Ayana Dunning, when we went high-low, that gives us a
great tandem right there.

I?m very proud of them. Notre Dame is going to be fine. They?re a great
team. We needed this one bad and we were able to get it. With that being
said, when you play in the BIG EAST, we have five more games, and I told
the team after the game, enjoy this, but you need to play
Rutgers--another ranked team.

What did you do defensively today?

We set down when they throw it to the elbow. We did a good job switching
and didn?t give them the high-low at times and made them come over the
top for the switch. My biggest concern was we were fouling people 50
feet from the bucket and put them at the line. We have to play smarter
than that. I think our girls did a great job. Both teams got into a
little bit of foul trouble and we were able to get a big win.

On being physical?

Notre Dame?s guards are so physical and we had to sit down and get
physical with them or they will just throw you out of the way and get a
layup. We tried to get our guards to sit down and body them up a little
bit more.

On getting the upset?

This is a big game. We have so many new players and after losing five
players last year and almost 90 percent of our offense, for these girls
to get this type of win on the road, it will do a lot for their
confidence. We have to build on this. We cannot be satisfied with it. We
have five more games to play and a long way to go.

Down 11 it would?ve been easy to fold?

It was great to see. I told the girls don?t quit. I said I don?t care if
you foul out, but I better not see you quit playing hard. Just keep
playing like we practice to do and they kept believing, believing,
believing. I think our girls deserve a lot of credit to come into this
atmosphere and play like we did.

Asya Bussie

Coming into the game we were focused. We prepared all week, focused on
the scout and did what we had to do to get the win.

What was the feeling at the buzzer?
It felt amazing. It is a big win for us. It doesn?t mean anything though
if we don?t get these next couple games coming up.

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