The Parkersburg Homecoming – WTAP 2007 Talent Show


1. All entries must be sent to P.O. Box 416 Parkersburg, WV 26102 and must be received at that post office box by Monday morning, August 13, 2007. Entries may NOT be hand-delivered to any Homecoming staff person or any WTAP employee. All entries will be checked to make sure they have been postmarked.

2. No last-minute entries on the day of the event will be accepted unless there’s a shortage of entries.

3. All forms must be completely filled out and accompanied by the $20 (twenty dollar) entry fee, with a check or money order made out to: Parkersburg Homecoming. (Cash will NOT be accepted!) Failure to fill out the form completely and/or to submit the proper payment, could nullify your entry.

4. Entrants must specify in which age category they are competing:
Child: Age 6-12
Teen: Age 13-17
Adult: Age 18-35
Senior: Age 36 and over

5. If your act involves more than one person, the age of the OLDEST member will determine in which age category your act appears.

6. Signatures of ALL persons must be on the application form. The signature of the parent/guardian of anyone under the age of 18 must appear next to the signatures of those persons under the age of 18, indicating that relationship.

7. Submission of this form grants the permission of every person in each act, to have his/her/their likeness(es) shown on radio, TV, newspaper or other media associated with reports of this event and/or promotion for future such events.

8. All entrants must be able to provide proof of age when they show up for the competition. Failure to have proper proof of age, could disqualify you.

9. Should the event be canceled due to weather, contestants will be notified of where, when and IF the competition will be re-scheduled.

10. A maximum of SEVEN (7) contestants will be permitted to compete in each category. If one category ends up having fewer than seven entrants, contest organizers MAY (but are not obligated to) allow more contestants to compete in another category or categories.

11. Competition may include the following types of acts:
- Vocal soloist, self-accompanied on an instrument provided by the contestant
- Vocal group, accompanied by a total of ONE instrument, performing with or without pre-recorded music
- Vocal soloist or vocal groups singing unaccompanied or with pre-recorded music only (NO bands!)
- Dance to pre-recorded music
- Perhaps other categories. Enter and we’ll contact you if we can accommodate you! If not, we’ll refund your money!

12. Any and all pre-recorded music must be provided to contest coordinators on CD ONLY! No cassettes or other media will be accepted. It is preferred that the CD contain ONLY the selected piece of music, to avoid any problems on-stage. Each CD disc (NOT case) must be clearly labeled with the entrant’s name and cut number (if any).

13. There will be NO on-stage band. Acts should come prepared to provide all music necessary for performance.

14. Contestants must remember that this is a FAMILY-ORIENTED EVENT. Act will be pulled from the stage if organizers believe act to be in any way inappropriate for this event and disqualified from consideration for any prizes.

15. All decisions of the judges are final.

16. Failure to show proper proof of age, could disqualify contestant from event or receiving a prize.

17. All acts will be notified ahead of time if they will be competing. Some alternates may also be notified in case an act or acts fail(s) to show up. All contestants and alternates must be at the area near the Main Stage of the Homecoming by 1:30pm on Saturday, August 18, 2007, so that the event can start on time at 2pm.

18. If an act is not ready to go on stage when called upon, that act may be removed from the competition.

**Official entry form above**

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