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Dementia Community Workshop

Date(s): 5/12/2014

May 12th, 12:00pm

Alzheimer’s Association - 1218 Market St., Parkersburg WV 26101
Conversations about Dementia is an education workshop offered by the Alzheimer’s Association. This program offers helpful tips to assist families with difficult conversations related to dementia, including going to the doctor, deciding when to stop driving and making legal and financial plans.
Wendy Hamilton. 800.272.3900. whamilton@alz.org

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Know the 10 Signs Community Workshop

Date(s): 4/23/2014

April 23rd, 5:30pm

Alzheimer’s Association - 1218 Market St. Parkersburg WV 26101
Know the 10 Signs is a family education program that aims to increase awareness of the warning signs of Alzheimer’s and the benefits of early detection and diagnosis.
Wendy Hamilton. 800.272.3900. whamilton@alz.org

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