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Joe: A Self Portrait

Event Dates and Times

through Mar 21, Gallery Hours: Mon-Thur 10am-4pm or by appointment
Gallery 310, Hermann Fine Arts Center, Marietta College
The Marietta College Art Department is pleased to present “Joe: A Self Portrait,” a solo show by NYC artist and Ohio native, Joe Nanashe.
Joe was born in Akron, Ohio and currently lives in Queens, NY. His work has shown in multiple editions of the New York, Chicago and Lausanne Underground Film Festivals. He has exhibited internationally in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Canada, and Argentina.

“Joe: A Self Portrait” which is the culmination of 29 months of work combing through 144 films that contain character(s) named Joe. Subjectively edited with the only conceptual constant that the name Joe is spoken somewhere in the clip, the abstract fragments of narrative and characterization reveal how Joe is constructed from the outside in. The individual is erased. Joe becomes an empty vessel, a shape-shifting mass of banality - an obscure, elusive object of desire.

The exhibition is free and open to the public and is on view through March 21, 2014.
Dorothy Leifheit, 740-376-4688, dwl001@marietta.edu

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