Battle at the Boneyard II

To Your Health: Good Posture Is Important To Your Health

Most of us have been told, "sit up straight" or "stop slouching," but did you know there are legitimate health reasons to maintain good posture?

10-19 Chef Yancy Visit

Chef Yancy whips up a fall themed snack.

10-19 Daybreak Interview: Church Coat Giveaway

Rod Brower of Little Hocking United Methodist Church speaks about his church's upcoming annual coat giveaway event.

Forecast for October 19th, 2017

Forecast for October 19th, 2017


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Weinstein Threatened AIDS Charity Board Over 'Sex Life'

Kenneth Cole says Harvey Weinstein "exploded with threats" when he thought a lawyer for an AIDS charity was looking into his sexual affairs.

Senate Passes Budget Bill, Paving Way for Tax Reform Effort

The Senate passed a $4 trillion budget blueprint Thursday, paving the way to use a special procedural rule to consider tax reform later this year.

Speaker Ryan Roasts Trump at Al Smith Dinner

The House speaker stuck to jokes a year after Donald Trump's remarks at the annual dinner were sharply criticized.

Sex Talk Gets in the Way of Preventing Cancer

You catch HPV from having sex. So why aren't people talking about that?

Pentagon Sends Team to Niger to Find Out What Happened

Defense officials are careful not to call the inquiry an investigation, but admit they simply don't know what happened Oct. 4 when four U.S. soldiers died.

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