Forecast for October 12th, 2017

Forecast for October 12th, 2017

Mid-Ohio Valley Events for Red Cross Month

The American Red Cross locations in the Mid-Ohio Valley offer many opportunities for you to get involved in helping your community.

To Your Health: 88-year-old Quadruple Bypass Survivor Inspires Others to Get Fit

Many of us will think of any reason to skip going to the gym, but perhaps this man's incredible fitness story will inspire you to leave your excuses behind.

Forecast for March 19th, 2018

Forecast for March 19th, 2018

Ravenswood vs. Wheeling Central Catholic

Ravenswood vs. Wheeling Central Catholic


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'People are frightened': Austin bombings have hip city on edge

Residents are shocked by four bombings scattered around the city and say uncertainty and fear has them worried about what's next.

Fourth nor'easter of March sets sights on East, Midwest

The big storm could blanket a large swath of the Eastern United States with a foot of snow and 60 mph wind gusts beginning on Tuesday and continuing Wednesday.

Self-driving Uber car involved in fatal crash

It's believed to be the first pedestrian fatality attributed to a self-driving vehicle.

American college student dies during rugby trip to Bermuda

Authorities said that the body of Saint Joseph's University student Mark Dombroski, 19, was found in a moat roughly one mile from the bar where relatives last saw him.

Senators to force vote to redefine U.S. role in Yemen

The measure calls for the immediate withdrawal of the U.S. military from Yemen without congressional approval.

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