11-10 Daybreak Interview: Unique Boutique

Beth Spaziani previews the Marietta Zonta Clubs annual event, Unique Boutique.

To Your Health: Taking Time Off Work Can Improve Health

Need a vacation? Start packing! Researchers say that taking time off can actually improve your health.

Daybreak interview 7/20/18: Golf Outing

Daybreak interview 7/20/18: Golf Outing

To Your Health: Health Statistics That Truly Matter

Stop checking the scale! The number of pounds you see on there isn't the end-all and be-all of how healthy you are. We'll show you the numbers you SHOULD be paying attention to, in today's "To Your Health."

To Your Health: Breast Implant Cancer Risks

Three women from across North America gathered in Texas to talk about a rare cancer they got from their breast implants. Here's more details in today's "To Your Health."

What's Trending: Daybreak 7/19/18

What's Trending: Daybreak 7/19/18


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At this rate, Earth's resources won't last, ecological group warns

"There are consequences of busting the ecological budget of our one and only planet," the CEO of the Global Footprint Network network said.

Biden: Migrant family separation 'one of the darkest moments in our history'

The former vice president said the Trump administration's policy was part of its "all-out assault on human dignity."

Facebook suspends another data firm for possible violations

The tech giant temporarily suspended Crimson Hexagon while it looks into whether the firm broke data-sharing policies.

Sharpton: Cohen wants what's right for the country

Al Sharpton and Michael Cohen had a very public meeting that Sharpton says was a signal to President Trump that the former fixer is willing to talk.

The NTSB proposed regulations for duck boats two decades ago — they were ignored

Critics say the industry ignored the recommendations, and was able to without any real oversight.