Daybreak Interview 3/13/18: PLEASANTS CO. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY


To Your Health: Small Diet Changes Can Slow Aging

Anyone who may be averse to aging - listen up! A new health study is suggesting people don't need a fountain of youth - just a small change in diet.

To Your Health: Hand Sanitizers With Alcohol Pose Health Risks to Preschoolers

Parents often use hand sanitizer to help keep their kids from picking up germs. But doctors say most hand sanitizers contain alcohol, which can pose health risk to preschool-age children.

VIDEO: March 22 #BowTieMOV Winner - Elijah Gabral

VIDEO: March 22 #BowTieMOV Winner - Elijah Gabral

Forecast for March 22nd, 2018

Forecast for March 22nd, 2018

Marietta School Safety Meeting

Marietta City Schools hosted a panel discussion about armed intruders and student safety.


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Maryland school shooting victim taken off life support

"She will not make it," said her mother, Melissa Willey. "She's brain-dead and has nothing — no life left in her."

4 deaths blamed on fourth nor'easter in three weeks

At least four people have died in this nor'easter that brought snow, poor visibility and slippery conditions to the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast.

Reforms sped release of Sacramento police killing video

"Our goal is to release it is as soon as we can, and we've evolved into that," Police Chief Daniel Hahn said.

Vehicle explodes at California Air Force base, killing driver

Vehicle goes up in flames after gaining "unauthorized" access to the base in Northern California.

Package bomber terrorized Austin — but was he a terrorist? It all comes down to motive

A crime is classified as terrorism only if it is politically motivated.

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