The Future of the Oil & Gas Industry in the Mid-Ohio Valley

Kevin DiGregorio, Executive Director of the Chemical Alliance Zone, discusses future developments for the oil and gas industry in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

2018 WTAP "Read This Summer" Contest Winners

Here are the 2018 WTAP "Read This Summer" contest winners: Nikolas Lott, 7, Parkersburg, Breanna, 7, Parkersburg, Kole Biddle, 8, Waverly, Dianna Wright, 9, Parkersburg, Kaleb Wayne Cochran, 8, Davisville, Mason Mercer, 10, WIlliamstown, Jaxon Venham, 10, Belpre, Aaden Harvey, 9, Belpre, Josie Venham, 8, Belpre, Kolten Venham, 8, Belpre, Katie Lovejoy, 12, Marietta, Ryan Venham, Belpre, Jaden Jones, 12, St. Marys, Addy Wilson, 8, St. Marys, Lucas Hansen, 11, St. Marys, Jose Hackathorn, 7, St. Marys, Tyler Wilson, 14, Belmont, Kyle Jones, 13, Belmont. If your child is a winner, to arrange a time for a parent or guardian to claim your child's prize, please call WTAP on Monday or any day next week, at 304-485-4588, extension 106.

Brittany Morgan's Interview With Ryan Griffin-8/17/18

Brittany Morgan's Interview With Ryan Griffin-8/17/18

Daybreak "What's Trending" 8/17/18

Daybreak "What's Trending" 8/17/18


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NBC News Headlines

Residents of Syria's last rebel enclave turn to God ahead of feared regime onslaught

With Russia and Iran's backing, Assad has won back much of Syria. Humanitarian groups fear a 'bloodbath' as he looks to press the advantage and wipe out the last pockets of resistance.

Man held in car-ram incident in London charged with attempted murder

No one died in the incident, but three people were injured. Police said the suspect also drove towards police before crashing into barriers.

Sales director for pleads guilty to conspiracy

Hyer is the second employee to plead guilty in cases in which the site has been accused of ignoring warnings to stop running prostitution ads.

Judge tells U.S. officials, ACLU to come up with asylum plan for migrants

The request was made during a hearing a day after Judge Dana Sabraw extended a freeze on deportations of recently reunified families.

Officer was traveling at unsafe speed when SUV struck teen, police say

"The officer was traveling at an unsafe speed for the attempted turn," a police detective said of an incident where an officer struck a person last month.