Dr. Oz Investigates: Violent Home Invasions

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Video of Interview on DB

To Your Health: Specific Foods Can Help Fight Breast Cancer

To Your Health: Specific Foods Can Help Fight Breast Cancer

To Your Health: Wearing Contacts For Too Long May Harm Your Eyes

Whether they are daily disposal, weekly or monthly, many people wear contacts. And now, something you are doing with your contacts may be damaging your eyes.

Daybreak Interview 5/21/18: "DNR" Memorial Day safety tips

Daybreak Interview 5/21/18: Department of Natural Resources Memorial Day Weekend safety tips

Forecast for May 21st, 2018

Forecast for May 21st, 2018


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Congo vaccinates health workers against Ebola

Using vaccines starts new era of fighting deadly virus

Pompeo vows to slap 'strongest sanctions in history' on Iran

The secretary of state outlined 12 steep demands aimed at the heart of Iran's foreign policy agenda.

Women detained after speaking Spanish at gas station

"I was buying eggs. I don't think that's suspicious," Ana Suda said after last week's incident with a Border Patrol agent.

Texas school shooter was not after girl who spurned him, lawyer says

Dimitrios Pagourtzis remains "very confused" about Friday's shooting, which claimed 10 lives at Santa Fe High School.

Man rams car into restaurant, killing 2 family members, police say

A motive was not immediately clear, but a family pastor said Roger Self committed an act he would have "called insane and evil."