School and Organization Closings and Delays

Last Updated: 01/19/2018 08:09 AM

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Type: Daycare/Pre-School Top of Page

Mid-Ohio Valley Gabriel ProjectOpen Friday: Opened for makeup Client Service Hours beginning at 11am and going through 3pm.
Putnam Church Pre-SchoolDelayed 2 hours Friday

Type: OH Schools Top of Page

Caldwell Exmtd VillageClosed Friday
Ewing SchoolClosed Friday: Staff report or contact supervisor.
Federal Hocking SchoolsOpening Late 2 hours Friday: BUS PLAN A
Fort Frye LocalClosed Friday: Blizzard Bag Day #1
Frontier LocalDelayed 2 hours Friday
Marietta City SchoolsDelayed 2 hours Friday
Meigs Local SchoolsDelayed 2 hours Friday
Noble Local SchoolsClosed Friday
Oak Grove Christian SchoolDelayed 2 hours Friday: Skating party cancelled Thursday evening.
St. John Central Grade SchoolClosed Friday
St. Mary Catholic SchoolDelayed 2 hours Friday
Warren Local SchoolsClosed Friday: Warren vs. Morgan girls basketball games on 1/18 at Morgan have been cancelled.
WASCO WorkshopDelayed 2 hours Friday: Limited Transportation.
Washington County Career Ctr-High SchoolDelayed 2 hours Friday
Wolf Creek Local SchoolsClosed Friday

Type: Other Top of Page

Building Bridges DayhabDelayed 2 hours Friday

Type: WV Schools Top of Page

Wood County SchoolsDelayed 2 hours Friday