How good...or bad...was 2016?

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No question about it, 2016 will not go down in the books as a great year.

Everyone found something to dislike about it, whether they were supporters of Hillary Clinton, haters of Donald Trump, fans of the endless array of celebrities who left us during the year...or maybe just Cincinnati Bengals fans (a personal observation).

But there are some who think it was a great year.

Just ask anyone from Cleveland. The city's sports teams (particularly the NBA Cavaliers) finally ended a 52-year championship drought. Cleveland also hosted a successful political convention, something it wasn't certain it could pull off, given the unrest at the time.

Or ask Chicago Cubs fans. That team ended a championship desert of more than a century, and their fans can finally talk about their team without discussions about "curses: such a goats, black cats or, more recently, Steve Bartman.

You can find something to hate in every year, especially if you've suffered a personal loss. But there are also things to like.

1968 is still thought of by many who lived through it as the "worst year ever", thanks to the political assassinations and unrest of that year. But it ended on a high note, with the Apollo 8 space mission, the first to orbit the moon. It was a preview of the "giant step" Neil Armstrong would take onto the moon's surface just a few months later.

In writing this, I must point out that I'm not the eternal optimist. In fact, the opposite can be argued. But every year has its good and bad. You just have to look past the bad sometimes to find the good.