April 2017 Jan Dils' Golden Apple Award Winner

WILLIAMSTOWN, W. VA. (WTAP) - Jack Waugaman is a 7th grade math teacher at Williamstown High School. He's been a teacher for nearly two decades.

This year, he arranged for a team of students to participate in the MathCounts competition in Charleston, he drove the students to the competition himself. One of his students will now compete in the national competition.

He says recognition for his students is one of the best things to see and he credits his students for making him the teacher he is.

"Its all about watching them learn and seeing them grow as they get older, you know, I pass the 8th graders all the time in the hall, I had some of them last year and I've got some of them again this year. Just watching them grow and seeing how they're maturing and so forth, that's what we're in the business for," Waugaman said.

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