November's Jan Dils' Golden Apple Winner

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PARKERSBURG, W. Va. (WTAP) - Thomas Godwin has taught in Wood County Schools for almost 50 years. He's currently a Chemistry teacher at Parkersburg Catholic High School.

Godwin spends countless hours with students, many of those hours during lunch breaks or after school, helping them understand material and prepare for college. He's good at recognizing student's needs and helping to meet them.

Godwin says getting this award shows that he's making an impact.

"This just sort of confirms that the years you've spent in the classroom probably has made a difference in a lot of student's lives. It's very humbling for me, as I said because you don't always know that that's the case, but to have other people recognize that you have done this over the years, it's really quite an honor," Godwin said.

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