January Jan Dils Golden Apple Award

January Jan Dils Golden Apple Award
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Personal attention and compassion for the for each student, that's what earns a teacher from Wood County Christian the January Jan Dils Golden Apple Award.

Ginger Postlewait is honored, as the school erupts in cheers.

Postlewait said, "I was just shocked, I really was. I had no idea that I would have been picked for this."

Parents say she is always providing feedback and understanding to each situation.

Postlewait says her love for the job comes from the desire to work hard, and to help each child reach their own individual success.

"I do try to get the students at their own level, where they need to achieve at the level that they are," Postlewait said.

Her whole family, kids, grandkids and all came for the big announcement. Postlewait's been there since the day the school opened 20 years ago.

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