2017 Weather in Review

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP)- While 2017 is ending on a frigid note, the early months were quite the opposite.

A mild winter started off the year with one of the warmest February months recorded in Parkersburg since 1890.

“I thought I would bring them to the park and enjoy a nice day. We don't get a day like this in February ever,” said Naomi Hall, a mother who brought her child out to the park on that day.

Then the summer rolled around and along with the summer heat came summer storms.

Many thunderstorm warnings were issued and lots of rain dampened some outdoor events including the interstate fair.

July brought on damaging winds and strong storms that left behind numerous downed trees and lots of debris.

Mountwood park, little hocking, and many local residents experienced mother nature first hand and were left to clean up her mess.

In August the great American eclipse captivated many from coast to coast.

Locals in the Mid-Ohio Valley got to experience the striking phenomenon for 3 hours and witnessed 87% totality.

Kirk Greenfield, WTAP Meteorologist visited the eclipse back in August and explained what the experience was like. “There were all sorts of oohs and awes from people around that were looking up at that point with the naked eye saying ‘oh look a diamond ring, oh this is so spectacular!’ so to be a part of that was really special.”

Parkersburg also reached a record high on September 27th seeing a scorching 91° breaking the old record set back in 1946, over 70 years ago!

After a rather warm and wet fall, winter has returned bringing the recent cold snap that sent us below freezing for 6 days straight!

Along with these frigid conditions, Parkersburg saw temperatures drop into the single digits for evening lows tying with the old records back in 1950.

And as cold temperatures remain as we move into 2018, 2017 marked one of the warmest years yet.

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