UPDATE: Family members speak out on Ferree death investigation

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Update: 5/15/2018 6:20 P.M.

This summer will mark nearly three years since the death of Caitlyn Ferree.

And members of her family have broken their silence about what they say is a lack of progress by investigators and prosecutors, in bringing charges related to her death.

Family members have not spoken publicly about the case up to now, while they have been meeting with Wood County prosecutors and investigators.

On Sunday, however, they expressed frustration at what they see as the lack of progress in the investigation.

"(The prosecutor) has told us, 'give us another month, month and a half, to the next term of grand jury; we're going to indict.'," claims Ferree's grandfather, Larry Stalnaker. "The next term rolls around, and, 'well, there was one little glitch; it'll be the next term'. It's like they're dangling a carrot out in front of a donkey; keep plodding around and you'll never get the carrot, but they'll pacify you. We can't be pacified any longer."

Caitlyn's mother and grandfather both appeared at a rally in downtown Parkersburg Sunday afternoon, in support of victims of drug addiction.

While details of her death have not been made public, Stalnaker and Kathy Ferree, Caitlyn's mother, both believe drugs played a role in Caitlyn's death.

Wood County Prosecuting Attorney Pat Lefebure told The News Center he has met regularly with the family, and plans to do so again later this week.

Lefebure says investigators continue to gather evidence in the case, adding, "some of these cases take time" before they're resolved.

On another long-standing, but unresolved case, Lefebure says the investigation into Cindy Ball's 2014 death "is at a standstill".


Family members of Caitlyn Ferree say they're upset there's been little apparent progress in the investigation into her death in the summer of 2015.

Ferree's grandfather told us the family has met with Wood County prosecutors for the last couple of years, and while they've been told an indictment could be forthcoming, no one has been charged.

More on what he has to say-and on the investigation-tonight on WTAP News at 5 and 6.

Update: 11/18/2015 5:10 P.M.

Sgt. William Marshall of the West Virginia State Police in Parkersburg was asked Wednesday whether the ongoing investigation into the death last summer of 19-year old Caitlyn Ferree was being treated as a murder/homicide case.

"It's a little premature yet, because we don't want to get closed-minded about this case," Sgt. Marshall. "Obviously, we're treating it as such."

State Police continue to provide evidence to the state crime lab, evidence they've received even this week.

They're continuing to seek individuals investigators believe have some knowledge of the events leading up to Ferree's death last summer.

"We've obviously interviewed persons of interest in this case, and we potentially have more people to interview," Sgt. Marshall said. "But this is an open investigation, and we're pursuing it every day. Whatever leads we get, we follow up on."

Ferree's body was found in early August on this rural road near Mineral Wells.

She was reported missing by Vienna police a few days earlier.

One reason Sgt. Marshall says the investigation is a lengthy process is that the state crime lab examines evidence from murder cases for all law enforcement agencies in the state. That includes local police, sheriff and state law enforcement.

That's also a factor in other recent murder investigations.

UPDATE 8/5/2015 9:46 AM

West Virginia State Police now confirm the body found in Mineral Wells Sunday evening is 19-year-old Caitlyn Ferree of Vienna.

UPDATE: 8/5/15 9:29 PM

West Virginia State Police say they found a missing woman's body Sunday evening in Mineral Wells. Officials say they were called to a home on Grassy Run Road around 9:30 pm for a welfare check. When police arrived they found a deceased body inside the residence.

Police say the body has been sent to the medical examiner's office.

"The report from the medical examiner's office, I don't think, has been received yet by the troopers there in Parkersburg," says First Sgt. Jay Powers. "So we are still awaiting the results from the autopsy."

Officials believe the body is that of 19-year-old Caitlyn Ferree, a missing teen from Vienna. Police say the body is "believed" to be Ferree due to a tattoo on the body.

Ferree did not live at the residence where she was found.

Authorities are treating this investigation as suspicious and a number of people are of interest.

Police say they are still waiting on autopsy and toxicology results which could take several weeks.

We'll have more information as this investigation continues.

Vienna Police need your help finding a missing teenager.

19-year-old Caitlyn Ferree was last seen Monday, July 27, in the Lexington Trailer Park area in Vienna.

She's described as 5’5, 100 lbs, with auburn hair.

If you know where Caitlyn may be, call the Vienna Police Department at (304) 295-8563.

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