Local residents speak up at Tuesday's conference addressing the fire at the IEI, Inc. facility

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Governor Jim Justice joined local officials and community members at a press conference discussing the fire at the Intercontinental Export-Import, Inc. storage facility, formerly the Ames Tool Plant, in Parkersburg.

People at the meeting stood up and told officials holding the meeting that they wanted answers.

The most common question was circling the room was the time frame of when this fire would be out.

Fire Chief, Mark Stewart, with Lubeck Fire Department told the people in attendance he honestly doesn’t have an exact time of when the fire will be out.

They also wanted the question of potential health concerns from the air.

Governor Jim Justice says they have tested up to 150 samples so far, and they are continuing to test.

Rina Goins who attended the meeting, and lives less than 3 miles from the scene of the fire, says, “What they’re telling us is that they don’t know what was in the fire, and they didn’t know what to test for, and that’s what we’re concerned about. We live in a community that is surrounded by chemical plants and we pretty much all assumed that we had the capability, or at least we hoped we had the capability to test for those things immediately.”

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