5 families escape a fire that started in the living room of one apartment building

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Five families were forced to leave their homes after a fire broke out on the second story of one building in Parkersburg.

Officials say the families lived above what is known as “Club 211.”

Parkersburg Fire Department responded to the scene of a fire on 800 7th Street in Parkersburg, a little after midnight, according to Fire Chief, Jason Matthews.

He says the call was made by a tenant who was in the building when the fire started.

Officials say the fire was started in the living room of apartment six and broke through the windows.

Fire fighters were able to contain the fire to the living room and kitchen area according to Parkesburg Fire Chief.

Thankfully the mother and son who lived in the unit weren’t injured and all other tenants were able to get out safely.

Jeff Morris, building owner says, “I just laid down on the bed and my girlfriend came in yelling that the building was on fire. I went out and there, and there was all types of smoke in the hall, and the fire alarms were of course going off. I went to try to make sure there wasn’t anybody in that apartment. The heat was so bad, you couldn’t pass the front door.”

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