83-year-old Marietta historian and author passes away

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) Some very sad news to report. Local historian and author, Louise Zimmer has died at 83-years-old.

Zimmer was a resident of Marietta, where she was involved with many programs at churches and other organizations.

She did much of her work at the Washington County Public Library, where she began the historical department.

A certified genealogist, she traced back ancestors for people all over the country.

Zimmer also wrote three books, two pioneer stories and one about the islands in the area.

Her goal was to educate people about the past.

"I think the legacy that she lives is making history not something of the past, but something that's the present, that we all can enjoy, that we all need to have within our hearts. Because it's the history that makes us who we are today, when we look back at not just my personal family ancestors, but the ancestors of Washington County," says daughter of Louise Zimmer, Mary Zimmer.

Zimmer's full obituary can be found under the obituaries tab.

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