91-year-old woman looks back on 45 year career at Grand Central Mall

VIENNA, W.Va. (WTAP) - As movers pack up what's left of Elder-Beerman at the Grand Central Mall, it became all too real for a woman whose been there from the beginning.

"I just come with the building," Alice Terry, 91, said.

Many stores have come and gone but Terry has been constant.

Since 1972, the mother of three has worked on the top floor of a building that has changed a lot over the years. It was occupied by several stores including The Diamond, Stone and Thomas, and eventually Elder-Beerman. She says she did a little bit of everything during her time at the mall. Now that Elder-Beerman is closing, she's ready to retire.

"It's a sad day but it's good because I really need to quit working and as long as this store was here I wasn't going to quit."

Sherrie Norman-Warden, the store's manager, said Terry was sweeping the floors when she came in on the last day of work.

She praised Terry's work ethic.

"I wanted this to be about these wonderful ladies that are such an inspiration to me. I have never seen such an amazing work ethic in my 30 years of retail," Norman-Warden said.

The store may be no more but the memories will last forever.

"I've enjoyed every minute of it, I've had wonderful bosses. I have met so many wonderful people and I've had people come in when they found we were closing just to tell me goodbye," Terry said.

Terry drove to and from work until her very last day.

H&M will move into the building by this fall.

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