U.S. Army Soldier reunites with his children in Parkersburg

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A soldier reunites with his family in Parkersburg as he returns from his deployment overseas.

Joseph Booth has been in Germany with U.S. Special Forces for the last 7 months, out of his 25 year career in the U.S. Army.

Joseph and his wife, Jenn Booth, surprised their three children on Friday at the North End Tavern.

When describing reuniting with his kids Booth says, “it will tear your heart out, it's happiness and very emotional.”

"It’s a more emotional reunion for me than them. They were able to stay home with the wife and had a lot of talking with her, and my sister in law was here the whole time. So they've had a lot of interaction with adults, but for me it was definitely more for me than them," says Booth.

Booth says he is home with his family for the foreseeable future.